Alberta Business Licenses

Jurisdiction: Alberta
Source: Service Alberta

This dataset includes 8 thousand business entities licensed with the Service Alberta. The State of Alberta requires any person or entity conducting a trade or business to obtain a Alberta business license from the Alberta Division of Revenue, including entities located in Alberta who conduct their business outside the state. Each business is registered with license number, business name, trade name, location, license date and status, etc.

FORT MCMURRAY · Search Result

Business Name Office Address License Type Expiry
Middlestead Michael S. 169 Barber Drive, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9K1X1 Home Inspector 2022-10-31
Ispy Home Inspection Service · Middlestead Mike 169 Barber Drive, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9K1X1 Home Inspection Business 2022-10-31
Brightside Immigration and Employment Inc. 124 Robin Cres, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9H2W3 Employment Agency 2022-09-30
3d Building Group Ltd 181 Tundra Drive, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9H4z7 Prepaid Contractor 2021-12-31
Winmar Fort Mcmurray · 3d Restoration Ltd 165 Maclean Road, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9H4X2 Prepaid Contractor 2021-12-31
Visaprime Consultancy Inc. 9715 Main St No, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9H1T5 Employment Agency 2021-12-31
Canadian Residential Inspection Services · 1559730 Alberta Ltd. 202, Laffont Way, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9K2R3 Home Inspection Business 2021-11-30
Dicks Eddie M. 202 Laffont Way, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9K2R3 Home Inspector 2021-11-30
Qts Solutions Inc. 108 Grey Owl Place, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9H2P1 Employment Agency 2021-11-30
Routhier Robert 202 Laffont Way, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9K2R3 Home Inspector 2021-11-30
Waypoints Community Services Association 130 Prospect Drive, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9K2A5 Charitable Organization 2021-11-30
Wood Buffalo Community Foundation Red Poll Centre At Shell Place, 1 C.a. Knight Way, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9H5C5 Charitable Organization 2021-11-30
Sundholm Developments · 1972344 Alberta Ltd. 168 Torrie Bay, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9K1P2 Prepaid Contractor 2021-10-31
Big Brothers Big Sisters Association of Wood Buffalo 5b - 10019 Macdonald Avenue, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9H1S9 Charitable Organization 2021-10-31
Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Debre Amin St. Abune Aregawi Church of Fort Mcmurray 9924 Manning Ave, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9H2B9 Charitable Organization 2021-10-31
Sanatan Mandir Cultural Society of Fort Mcmurray 108 Abraham Gate, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9H0J1 Charitable Organization 2021-10-31
Wood Buffalo Somali Service Society (wsss) 202b 8706 Franklin Ave, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9H2J6 Charitable Organization 2021-10-31
Slaney Brian 113 Hill Top Cres, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9J1A2 Home Inspector 2021-09-30
Slaney Home Inspections Inc. 113 Hill Top Cres, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9H3V3 Home Inspection Business 2021-09-30
Fort Mcmurray Heritage Society 1 Tolen Drive, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9H1G7 Charitable Organization 2021-08-31
Fort Mcmurray Property Upkeep Inc. 8121 Fraser Ave, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9H1W5 Prepaid Contractor 2021-08-31
Fort Mcmurray Public School District No. 2833 231 Hardin Street, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9H2G2 Charitable Organization 2021-08-31
Global Property Inspections · Downey T.j. Van 422 Walnut Cres, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9K0W3 Home Inspection Business 2021-07-31
Downey T.j. Van 422 Walnut Cres, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9K0W3 Home Inspector 2021-07-31
Access Energy Inc. 107 Peterson Lane, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9K0B1 Natural Gas Marketing Business 2021-06-30
Mark Amy Treatment Centre · Wood Buffalo Wellness Society Box 5748, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9H4V9 Charitable Organization 2021-06-30
Children First: Community Child Care Network Society 285 Sandpiper Road, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9K0K9 Charitable Organization 2021-05-31
Northern Lights Regional Health Foundation 7 Hospital St, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9H1P2 Charitable Organization 2021-05-31
Perfect Nanny Solution · Perfect Employment Solutions Inc. 128 Laboucane Cres, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9K2M2 Employment Agency 2021-05-31
Rokosh Construction · Rokosh Paul 105b Woodpecker Place, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9K0L4 Prepaid Contractor 2021-05-31
Aristotle Custom Homes · Aristotle Custom Homes Inc. 101 Swanson Cres, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9K2T3 Prepaid Contractor 2021-04-30
C.b.s. Construction Ltd. 150 Mackay Cres, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9H4W8 Prepaid Contractor 2021-03-31
Fort Mcmurray Housing Corp. 194 Grenfell Cres, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9H2M6 Retail Home Sales 2021-02-28
Fort Mcmurray Society for The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals 155 Macalpine Cres, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9H4A5 Charitable Organization 2021-02-28
Guardian Nanny & Immigration Services Inc. 106 Farrell Cres, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9K1T6 Employment Agency 2021-01-31
Ucb Canada · United Christian Broadcasters Media Canada 140 Pinnacle Place, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9K0E3 Charitable Organization 2021-01-31
United Way Fort Mcmurray and Wood Buffalo 1 C.a. Knight Way, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9H5C5 Charitable Organization 2021-01-31
Budget Blinds of Fort Mcmurray · 1996360 Alberta Ltd. 149 Fisher Crescent, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9K0B8 Prepaid Contractor 2020-11-30
The Fort Mac Hockey Bros · The Fort Mac Hockey Bros Foundation 196 Pliska Drive, Fort Mcmurray, AB T9K0A8 Charitable Organization 2020-11-30