Alberta Business Licenses

Jurisdiction: Alberta
Source: Service Alberta

This dataset includes 8 thousand business entities licensed with the Service Alberta. The State of Alberta requires any person or entity conducting a trade or business to obtain a Alberta business license from the Alberta Division of Revenue, including entities located in Alberta who conduct their business outside the state. Each business is registered with license number, business name, trade name, location, license date and status, etc.

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Business Name Office Address License Type Expiry
Reid's Auction (canada) Inc. 4646 Builder Road Se, Calgary, AB T2G4C6 Auction Sales 2025-06-30
Ollive's Auction · 398594 Alberta Ltd 9212a Horton Road Sw, Calgary, AB T2V2X4 Auction Sales 2025-03-31
Tcl Asset Group Inc. 400 3 Ave Sw Suite, Calgary, AB T2P4H2 Auction Sales 2024-12-31
Auction Depot · A D Auction Depot Inc. 4215 11 St Ne, Calgary, AB T2E6K4 Auction Sales 2024-11-30
Hodgins Art Auctions Ltd. 4115-7005 Fairmount Drive Se, Calgary, AB T2H0J1 Auction Sales 2024-10-31
Graham Auctions · 620205 Alberta Limited 4321 84 St Ne, Calgary, AB T1Y7H3 Auction Sales 2024-09-30
Fraser Auction Service Ltd. 801 6 Ave Se Suite 2800, Calgary, AB T2P4A3 Auction Sales 2024-09-30
Infinity Asset Solutions Inc 150 6 Ave Sw No, Calgary, AB T2P2Y7 Auction Sales 2024-08-31
North American Auction LLC · 2080348 Alberta Inc. 4000 11 Street Se, Calgary, AB t2g5l3 Auction Sales 2023-12-31
Mackenzie David (tate) 9 Granville Cres Sw, Calgary, AB T3E4E2 Home Inspector 2023-08-31
A1 Chesney Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing · Se Canada Inc. 7317 12 St Se Unit 2, Calgary, AB T2H2S6 Direct Seller 2023-05-31
R3 Canada Immigration Consulting & Paralegal Services · 1558929 Alberta Ltd. 350 7 Ave Sw Suite, Calgary, AB T2P3N4 Employment Agency 2022-12-31
Wit's End Home and Pet Services · Briand Therese 6214 31 Ave Nw Unit, Calgary, AB T3B1J8 Direct Seller 2022-12-31
Nannies On Call · Canadian Nannies On Call Inc 35 Clovemeadow Close Ne, Calgary, AB T2C3G3 Employment Agency 2022-12-31
Corporate Assets Inc. Mccarthy, 3300, 421 - 7 Ave Sw, Calgary, AB T2P4K9 Auction Sales 2022-12-31
Nutrilawn Calgary Inc. 4980 28 St Se, Calgary, AB T2B3H2 Direct Seller 2022-12-31
Odgers Berndtson · Odgers Berndtson Canada Inc. Suite 3220 421 7 Ave Sw, Calgary, AB T2P4K9 Employment Agency 2022-12-31
Lock Search Group · R.e. Lock & Associates Ltd. 140 4th Ave Sw No 2230, Calgary, AB T2P3N3 Employment Agency 2022-12-31
The Counsel Network Inc. 101 6 Ave Sw Unit 1220, Calgary, AB T2P3P4 Employment Agency 2022-12-31
Trs Staffing Solutions (canada) Inc. 304 Midpark Way Se Suite 105, Calgary, AB T2X1P1 Employment Agency 2022-12-31
Zsa Legal Recruitment Limited 150 6th Avenue Sw, Suite 5100, Calgary, AB T2P3Y7 Employment Agency 2022-12-31
Aztec Water Solutions · 102025860 Saskatchewan Ltd. 94 Somerset Park Sw, Calgary, AB T2Y3H5 Direct Seller 2022-11-30
Certified Home Inspection · 1628128 Alberta Ltd 12 Scandia Point Nw, Calgary, AB T3L1T6 Home Inspection Business 2022-11-30
Aim High Home Services · 2267263 Alberta Ltd. 245 Royal Birkdale Cres Nw, Calgary, AB T3A5K8 Home Inspection Business 2022-11-30
971843 Alberta Ltd 204 Mount Douglas Manor Se, Calgary, AB T2Z3C8 Employment Agency 2022-11-30
Altis Human Resources (calgary) Inc. 102 Bank Street, Suite 300, Calgary, ON K1P5N4 Employment Agency 2022-11-30
Avon Canada Inc. 400 3rd Ave Se Suite 3700, Calgary, AB T2P4H2 Direct Seller 2022-11-30
Puretrim · Awareness Corporation 736 6th Ave Sw, Calgary, AB T2P3T7 Direct Seller 2022-11-30
Benoit Joseph 44 Harvest Oak Place Ne, Calgary, AB T3K4C8 Home Inspector 2022-11-30
Brazolot Migration Group Inc. 639 5 Ave Sw 1250, Calgary, AB T2P0M9 Employment Agency 2022-11-30
Elw Enterprises · C & W Household Artists Inc 30 Millview Common Sw, Calgary, AB T2Y3Y7 Direct Seller 2022-11-30
Cheung Kok To 80 Sherwood Rise Nw, Calgary, AB T3R1P5 Home Inspector 2022-11-30
Cormack Recruitment Ltd. Calgary, AB T2P2V6 Employment Agency 2022-11-30
Chi Home Inspections · Delmar Enterprises Ltd 3 Sunwood Park Se, Calgary, AB T2X2V8 Home Inspection Business 2022-11-30
Wall To Wall Home Inspections · Edey Roger 17 Berkley Court Nw, Calgary, AB T3K1B7 Home Inspection Business 2022-11-30
Edey Roger 17 Berkley Court Nw, Calgary, AB T3K1B7 Home Inspector 2022-11-30
Keveryga Cliff 3 Sunwood Park Se, Calgary, AB T2X2V8 Home Inspector 2022-11-30
Clean Sweep · Le Long Hai 324 Cedarpark Dr Sw, Calgary, AB T2W2J4 Direct Seller 2022-11-30
Love Canada Immigration Consultancy · Love Canada Inc 999 36 St Ne, Calgary, AB T2A7X6 Employment Agency 2022-11-30
Ma Anthony 12 Scandia Point Nw, Calgary, AB T3L1T6 Home Inspector 2022-11-30
Msl2000 Home Inspections Ltd 44 Harvest Oak Place Ne, Calgary, AB T3K4C8 Home Inspection Business 2022-11-30
Oelke Kyle 230 Rocky Ridge Mews, Calgary, AB T3G4P3 Home Inspector 2022-11-30
Samson Inspections · Oelke Kyle Ralph 230 Rocky Ridge Mews Nw, Calgary, AB T3G4P3 Home Inspection Business 2022-11-30
Premier Health Enterprises Inc. 2135 32 Ave Ne No, Calgary, AB T2E6Z3 Direct Seller 2022-11-30
Procom Technical Inc. 215 9th Ave Sw No 310, Calgary, AB T2P1K3 Employment Agency 2022-11-30
Reliance Home Comfort · Reliance Comfort Limited Partnership 520 3rd Ave Sw, Calgary, AB T2P0R3 Direct Seller 2022-11-30
Routledge Jonathan 5723 10 St Ne Unit, Calgary, AB T2E8W7 Home Inspector 2022-11-30
Sylus Limited 2323 32 Ave Ne Suite 260, Calgary, AB T2E6Z3 Employment Agency 2022-11-30
Van Dyk Michael (mike) 245 Royal Birkdale Cres Nw, Calgary, AB T3G5R7 Home Inspector 2022-11-30
Wang Tai Ltd. 80 Sherwood Rise Nw, Calgary, AB T3R1P5 Home Inspection Business 2022-11-30
Wcfps · 2181541 Alberta Inc. 101 Edelweiss Point Nw, Calgary, AB T3A4N6 Direct Seller 2022-10-31
2195205 Alberta Ltd. 230 Martinvalley Mews Ne, Calgary, AB T3J4W3 Direct Seller 2022-10-31
Emcon Home Inspections · 2284113 Alberta Ltd. 2020 Country Hills Circle Nw, Calgary, AB T3K4Z2 Home Inspection Business 2022-10-31
Federal Auction Service · 3283313 Canada Inc. 450 1st St Sw No 2500, Calgary, AB T2P5H1 Auction Sales 2022-10-31
Agile Recruiting Inc 602 12 Ave Sw Suite, Calgary, AB T2R1J3 Employment Agency 2022-10-31
Calgary Custom Closets Alberta Ltd 7056c Farrell Road Se, Calgary, AB T2H0T2 Direct Seller 2022-10-31
Canadian Venture Immigration Services Inc. 4202 17 Suite, Calgary, AB T2A0T2 Employment Agency 2022-10-31
Cove Homes - Canada, Lp 6220 17 Ave Se No, Calgary, AB T2A0W6 Retail Home Sales 2022-10-31
Discount Home Inspections Ltd. 226 Saratoga Close Ne, Calgary, AB T1Y6Z9 Home Inspection Business 2022-10-31
Forever Living Products Canada, Inc 421 7 Ave Sw Suite, Calgary, AB T2P4K9 Direct Seller 2022-10-31
Its Staffing Solutions Inc. 2635 37 Ave Ne Suite 109, Calgary, AB T1Y5Z6 Employment Agency 2022-10-31
Nexus Immigration & Recruitment · Jully Wang Group Inc. 2030 36 St Se, Calgary, AB T2B0X8 Employment Agency 2022-10-31
Ledahl Jody 5980 Silver Ridge Drive Nw, Calgary, AB T3B3S4 Home Inspector 2022-10-31
Levis Fine Art Auctions & Appraisals Inc. 1739 10 Ave Sw, Calgary, AB T3C0K1 Auction Sales 2022-10-31
Link Energy Supply · Link Energy Supply Inc / Approvisionement Energie Link Inc. 4649 Macleod Trail Sw Suite 1010, Calgary, AB T2G0A6 Electricity Marketing Business 2022-10-31
Matrix Labour Leasing Ltd 11420 27 St Se Suite 204, Calgary, AB T2Z3R6 Employment Agency 2022-10-31
Pooley Alexander 5723 10 St Ne Unit, Calgary, AB T2E8W7 Home Inspector 2022-10-31
Raja Waseem G 226 Saratoga Close Ne, Calgary, AB T1Y6Z9 Home Inspector 2022-10-31
Reed Security Authorized Dealer Program Ltd. 520 5th Ave Sw #2300, Calgary, AB T2P3R7 Direct Seller 2022-10-31
Savvy It Resources Inc. 855 2nd St Sw Suite, Calgary, AB T2P4K7 Employment Agency 2022-10-31
Siv Consulting Inc. 91 Saddlebrook Common Ne, Calgary, AB T3J0J6 Employment Agency 2022-10-31
Tidyer Cleaning Services Ltd. 843 Lysander Drive Se, Calgary, AB T2C1X5 Direct Seller 2022-10-31
Veritaaq Technology House Inc 144 4 Ave Sw, Calgary, AB T2P3N4 Employment Agency 2022-10-31
Webster Donald 139 Mt. Apex Cres Se, Calgary, AB T2Z3C1 Home Inspector 2022-10-31
Wr Paving Ltd 13 Scripps Landing Nw, Calgary, AB T3L1V9 Direct Seller 2022-10-31
Corks Critter Care · Bray Corrine L 804 42 St Se, Calgary, AB T2A3C6 Direct Seller 2022-09-30
Canada Immigration and Visa Services Inc. 1822 10 Ave Sw, Calgary, AB T3C0J8 Employment Agency 2022-09-30
Genset Staffing · Genset Staffing Ltd. 5160 Skyline Way Ne, Calgary, AB T2E6V1 Employment Agency 2022-09-30
Rise Recruiting · Gowans Karen 1802, 881 Sage Valley Blvd Nw, Calgary, AB T3R0R2 Employment Agency 2022-09-30
Leary Chad 2017 27 Ave Sw, Calgary, AB T2T1H6 Home Inspector 2022-09-30
Maxsys · Maxsys Staffing & Consulting Inc. 720 28 St Ne No, Calgary, AB T2A6R3 Employment Agency 2022-09-30
Southern Mobile Homes · Nystrom Martin 155 Erin Mount Place Se, Calgary, AB T2B2T3 Retail Home Sales 2022-09-30
Prn Staffing Solutions Inc. 1811 4th St Sw Suite, Calgary, AB T2S1W2 Employment Agency 2022-09-30
Talent Scout Global Hiring · Sagem Investments Ltd. 555 Panora Way, Calgary, AB T3K0N8 Employment Agency 2022-09-30
Acgc Alberta Canada Global Com · Shome Kishore 1248 Sherwood Blvd Nw, Calgary, AB T3R1P8 Employment Agency 2022-09-30
Skylar Industries Inc. 1811 4 St Sw Suite, Calgary, AB T2S1W2 Direct Seller 2022-09-30
Sunset Memorial & Stone Ltd. 3300 8 St Se, Calgary, AB T2G5S7 Direct Seller 2022-09-30
The Employment Solution · T.e.s Contract Services Inc. 540 5 Ave Suite, Calgary, AB T2P0M2 Employment Agency 2022-09-30
Care for All · 2263658 Alberta Inc. 1317 27 St Se No, Calgary, AB T2A4Y5 Direct Seller 2022-08-31
Merry Maids of Calgary S.w. · 774468 Alberta Ltd. 7720 Elbow Drive Sw No, Calgary, AB T2V1K2 Direct Seller 2022-08-31
Bedard Gary 1471 Lake Michigan Cres, Calgary, AB T2J3E9 Home Inspector 2022-08-31
Bedard Resources · Bedard Ressources Inc. 909 17th Ave Sw Floor, Calgary, AB T2T0A4 Employment Agency 2022-08-31
Canadian Employment Agency Cea Corp. 70 Applestone Park Se, Calgary, AB T2A7W1 Employment Agency 2022-08-31
Carousel Classics · Carico of Canada Credit Inc 2912 Memorial Drive Se, Calgary, AB T2A6R1 Direct Seller 2022-08-31
Dynamic Resource Solutions Ltd 239 Livingston View Ne, Calgary, AB T3P0Z5 Employment Agency 2022-08-31
Gns Home Inspections Ltd. 89 Harvest Oak Way Ne, Calgary, AB T3K3Y3 Home Inspection Business 2022-08-31
Senior Homecare By Angels · Goldstar Marketing Inc. 600 Crowfoot Cres Nw Unit 340, Calgary, AB T3G0B4 Direct Seller 2022-08-31
Hudson Energy Canada Corp 5920 Macleod Trail Sw Suite 701, Calgary, AB T2H0K2 Electricity Marketing Business 2022-08-31
Marsten Mike 2240 Langriville Drive Sw, Calgary, AB T2Z4J4 Home Inspector 2022-08-31
Exclusive Gourmet Foods · Mg Industries Inc. 3520 19 St Sw, Calgary, AB T2T4X6 Direct Seller 2022-08-31