Alberta Business Licenses

Jurisdiction: Alberta
Source: Service Alberta

This dataset includes 8 thousand business entities licensed with the Service Alberta. The State of Alberta requires any person or entity conducting a trade or business to obtain a Alberta business license from the Alberta Division of Revenue, including entities located in Alberta who conduct their business outside the state. Each business is registered with license number, business name, trade name, location, license date and status, etc.

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Business Name Office Address License Type Expiry
All Star Auction & Appraisals · Wattie Richard Earl 14912 128 Ave, St. Albert, AB T5V1A6 Auction Sales 2025-06-30
Gerry-joe Enterprises · Vercammen Gerard Joseph 31 Portman Place Nw, St. Albert, AB T8N5L5 Auction Sales 2023-06-30
Homely Inspections · Financial Chores Incorporated 17 Kingstone Close, St. Albert, AB T8N5S1 Home Inspection Business 2022-11-30
Mercer-guest Dana 17 Kingston Close, St. Albert, AB T8N5S1 Home Inspector 2022-11-30
Mclennan David 4 Grosvenor Blvd, St. Albert, AB T8N1P1 Home Inspector 2022-03-31
Interconnect Home Inspections Ltd 52 Wimbleton Cres, St. Albert, AB T8N3J7 Home Inspection Business 2021-11-30
Van Den Biggelaar Paul 52 Wimbleton Cres, St. Albert, AB T8N3J7 Home Inspector 2021-11-30
Lbh Building Centre · L. B. H. Building Supplies Inc. 11 Riel Drive, St. Albert, AB T8N1N3 Prepaid Contractor 2021-10-31
Piscopo Contracting Inc. 44 Jacobs Close, St. Albert, AB T8N7S4 Prepaid Contractor 2021-10-31
Roots of Change Foundation 27 Amherst Crecent, St. Albert, AB T8N2P7 Charitable Organization 2021-10-31
Nest Builder · 2037549 Alberta Inc. 101 Arbor Cres, St. Albert, AB T8N5H7 Prepaid Contractor 2021-09-30
Blue Line Motorsports 6 Laird Place, St. Albert, AB T8N4N4 Charitable Organization 2021-09-30
Society of Friends for The St. Albert Botanic Park Box 9 Stn Main, St. Albert, AB T8N1N2 Charitable Organization 2021-09-30
Executive Home Inspections Ltd 3-11 Bellerose Drive No 202, St. Albert, AB T8N5C9 Home Inspection Business 2021-08-31
Food Banks Alberta Association 30-50 Bellerose Drive, St. Albert, AB T8N3L5 Charitable Organization 2021-08-31
Henderson Ron 3-11 Bellerose Drive No, St. Albert, AB T8N5C9 Home Inspector 2021-08-31
Latham Geoff 28 Normandeau Cres, St. Albert, AB T8N3C5 Home Inspector 2021-08-31
Rei and Co (real Estate Inspections) · Latham Geoff S 28 Normandeau Cres, St. Albert, AB T8N3C5 Home Inspection Business 2021-08-31
Solbrekken Evangelistic Association of Canada # 1 Heritage Blvd, St. Albert, AB T8N5P8 Charitable Organization 2021-08-31
Transcend Turf Inc. 23 Jacobs Close, St. Albert, AB T8N7S4 Prepaid Contractor 2021-07-31
Allison Jones Consulting Services Inc 1 Tache Street Suite, St. Albert, AB T8N1B4 Employment Agency 2021-06-30
Mirterra Corp. St. Albert, AB T8N1N3 Auction Sales 2021-06-30
Silvester & Associates Immigration Consulting Inc. 16 Nevis Close, St. Albert, AB T8N0R5 Employment Agency 2021-06-30
Mario Laflamme Contracting & Renovation Ltd. 60 Gainsborough Ave, St. Albert, AB T8N0W5 Prepaid Contractor 2021-05-31
Pecush Cory 31 Newport Cres, St. Albert, AB T8N6Y8 Home Inspector 2021-05-31
Pro North Home Inspections Ltd 31 Newport Cres, St. Albert, AB T8N6Y8 Home Inspection Business 2021-05-31
Yaretz Joseph 10 Grandin Woods Estates, St. Albert, AB T8N2Y4 Home Inspector 2021-05-31
Modern Earth Landscaping Ltd. 14 Ratelle Circle, St. Albert, AB T8N7T6 Prepaid Contractor 2021-04-30
Tilt Collections Inc. 20 Circle Drive No, St. Albert, AB T8N7L4 Collection Agency 2021-04-30
Western Landscape · 1867886 Alberta Ltd. 3 Rayborn Cres, St. Albert, AB T8N4A9 Prepaid Contractor 2021-03-31
Loseca Foundation - A Society for Persons With Disabilities 1-215 Carnegie Drive, St. Albert, AB T8N5B1 Charitable Organization 2021-03-31
St. Albert Sturgeon Hospice Association 70 Oakrdige Dr North, St. Albert, AB T8N6L8 Charitable Organization 2021-03-31
St. Albert Public School · The Board of Trustees of St. Albert School Division 60 Sir Winston Churchill Ave, St. Albert, AB T8N0G4 Charitable Organization 2021-03-31
Thorburn Properties Inc. 205 Erin Ridge Drive, St. Albert, AB T8N6Z3 Home Inspection Business 2021-03-31
Thorburn Stacey 205 Erin Ridge Drive, St. Albert, AB T8N6Z3 Home Inspector 2021-03-31
Timeless Improvements Incorporated 189 Kingswood Blvd., St. Albert, AB T8N6X8 Prepaid Contractor 2021-03-31
True North Heating and Cooling Inc. 112 Larose Drive, St. Albert, AB T8N2R5 Prepaid Contractor 2021-03-31
Arts & Heritage Foundation of St. Albert #200, 20 Perron Street, St. Albert, AB T8N1E4 Charitable Organization 2021-02-28
Mode Contracting Inc. 22 Perron St, St. Albert, AB T8N1E4 Prepaid Contractor 2021-02-28
Star of The North Retreat House 3a St. Vital Ave, St. Albert, AB T8N1K1 Charitable Organization 2021-02-28
Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation 201 Boudreau Road, St. Albert, AB T8N6C4 Charitable Organization 2021-02-28
The Friends of The Northern Alberta International Children's Festival Society 5 St. Anne Street, St. Albert, AB T8N3Z9 Charitable Organization 2021-02-28
Back 2 Back 2 Back To Life Fundraising Foundation Box 126, 3-11 Bellrose Dr., St. Albert, AB T8N5C9 Charitable Organization 2020-11-30
Canadian Home Property Inspections Inc. 8 Olympia Court, St. Albert, AB T8N6P4 Home Inspection Business 2020-11-30
Gaulden Brandon 8 Olympia Court, St. Albert, AB T8N6P4 Home Inspector 2020-11-30
The Renovation Guy Ltd. 93 Deer Ridge Drive, St. Albert, AB T8N6A9 Prepaid Contractor 2020-11-30
Vortek Construction Ltd. 30 Chevigny St No 4, St. Albert, AB T8N5A3 Prepaid Contractor 2020-11-30