Ontario Licensed Child Care Facilities

Jurisdiction: Ontario
Source: Province of Ontario, Child Care Licensing System

This dataset includes 6.52 thousand child care facilities in Ontario licensed with the Child Care Licensing System. Each child care facility is registered with licensee name, program type, ministry region, Consolidated Municipal Service Manager (CMSM)/District Social Service Administration Board (DSSAB) name, child care centre or agency name, licence number, original issue date, licence status, language of service delivery, facility address, etc.

Toronto · Search Result

Business Name Office Address Issue Date
Lullaboo Nursery and Childcare Center 2316 Queen Street, Toronto, ON M4E 1G8 2018-06-21
Alphabet Treehouse Childcare Centre 1780 Avenue Road, Toronto, ON M5M 3Y9 2018-06-13
Learning Jungle Kennedy 3376 Kennedy Road, Toronto, ON M1V 3S8 2018-05-24
Big Dreams Early Learning Centre 1703 Victoria Park Avenue, Toronto, ON M1R 1R9 2018-03-29
Holy Trinity YMCA 6 Colonel Samuel Smith Drive, Toronto, ON M8V 4B7 2018-02-16
THE PHOENIX MONTESSORI SCHOOL INC. 2 Station Road, Toronto, ON M8V 2P9 2018-01-08
Aspiring Academics Preschool - Somerset 56 Somerset Avenue, Toronto, ON M6H 2R4 2017-12-27
Central Montessori School - Maplehurst Campus 181 Maplehurst Avenue, Toronto, ON M2N 3C1 2017-08-25
Makom Afterschool: Palmerston St. 734 Palmerston Avenue, Toronto, ON M6G 2R4 2017-08-25
Makom Afterschool: Robert St. 33 Robert Street, Toronto, ON M5S 2K2 2017-08-25
Makom Afterschool: Regal Rd. 95 Regal Road, Toronto, ON M6H 2J6 2017-08-25
Claireville Child Care Centre 350 Silverstone Drive, Toronto, ON M9V 3J4 2017-08-25
Macaulay Child Development Centre/F.H. Miller 300 Caledonia Road, Toronto, ON M6E 4T5 2017-08-24
PLASP Twentieth Street Junior School 3190 Lakeshore Boulevard, Toronto, ON M8V 1L8 2017-08-24
Charlottetown Licensed Before and After School Program 85 Charlottetown Boulevard, Toronto, ON M1C 2C7 2017-08-23
West Rouge Kindergarten Extended Care Program 401 Friendship Avenue, Toronto, ON M1C 2X8 2017-08-23
William G. Davis Kindergarten Extended Care Program 128 East Avenue, Toronto, ON M1C 3L6 2017-08-23
St. Stephen's Lord Lansdowne Child Care 33 Robert Street, Toronto, ON M5S 2K2 2017-08-23
St. Leo YMCA 165 Stanley Avenue, Toronto, ON M8V 1P1 2017-08-23
PLASP Blessed Sacrament C.S. 24 Bedford Park, Toronto, ON M5M 1H9 2017-08-22
Beaches Montessori School Inc 950 Kingston Road, Toronto, ON M4E 1S7 2017-08-21
Bumble Bee Academy 1560 Queen Street, Toronto, ON M4L 1E9 2017-08-21
Castlebar YMCA 70 Chartwell Road, Toronto, ON M8Z 4G6 2017-08-21
Willowbrae Academy Bayview Village 432 Sheppard Avenue, Toronto, ON M2N 3B7 2017-08-02
After The Class 130 Doris Avenue, Toronto, ON M2N 0A8 2017-07-03
Score Day Camp 2760 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON M6B 3A1 2017-06-30
Manor Montessori School 909 Mount Pleasant Road, Toronto, ON M4P 2Z6 2017-06-25
Westown Early Learning & Child Care Centre 3101 Weston Road, Toronto, ON M9M 2T4 2017-06-14
Grace Christian School-DAY NURSERY 201 Tempo Avenue, Toronto, ON M2H 2R9 2017-05-08
Zodiac Day Care 501 Arlington Avenue, Toronto, ON M6C 3A4 2017-04-21
Tiny Bumblebees Childcare Inc. 47 Acacia Road, Toronto, ON M4S 2K6 2017-04-05
Jubilee Child Care Centre 55 Emmett Avenue, Toronto, ON M6M 2E4 2017-03-23
Waverley Road Montessori School 129 Waverley Road, Toronto, ON M4L 3T4 2017-03-15
Kingston Road East Early Learning & Child Care Centre 3392 Kingston Road, Toronto, ON M1M 3W5 2017-03-12
THE PHOENIX MONTESSORI SCHOOL INC. 170 Evans Avenue, Toronto, ON M8Z 1J7 2017-02-13
Ascot Avenue Community Daycare 991 St. Clair Avenue, Toronto, ON M6E 1A3 2017-02-08
Blue Bell Academy Inc. 2191 Gerrard Street, Toronto, ON M4E 2C6 2017-01-25
Monarch Manor 240 Manor Road, Toronto, ON M4S 1R8 2017-01-21
Blossoming Minds Learning Centre Inc. 1530 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON M4J 1N4 2017-01-20
Chabad of Danforth - Beaches 2273 queen Street, Toronto, ON M4E 1G5 2016-12-29
Dane Avenue Child Care Centre 120 Via Bagnato, Toronto, ON M6A 1G4 2016-12-15
Robbins Hebrew Academy 1700 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON M5P 3K3 2016-12-14
Kids & Company St Andrews 73 Simcoe Street, Toronto, ON M5J 1W9 2016-12-09
The Munchkin Manor Daycare and Early Learning Centre 1087 Lillian Street, Toronto, ON M2M 3G1 2016-11-22
NOBI MONTESSORI SCHOOL & DAYCARE 4190 Kingston Road, Toronto, ON M1E 4W1 2016-11-20
Oakwood Village Montessori 473 Oakwood Avenue, Toronto, ON M6E 2W4 2016-10-14
Little Angels Childcare Learning Centre 1695 Dufferin Street, Toronto, ON M6E 3N9 2016-10-03
Martin Luther Church Day Nursery Inc. 5 Superior Avenue, Toronto, ON M8V 2M1 2016-09-28
Hawthorn School Day Care 101 Scarsdale Road, Toronto, ON M3B 2R2 2016-09-23
Club ABC (ABC Academy Queen B&A Care) 1919-1921 Queen Street, Toronto, ON M4L 1H3 2016-09-14
Ascot Avenue Community Daycare 991 St. Clair Avenue, Toronto, ON M6E 1A3 2016-09-02
PLASP St. Conrad Catholic School 5 Exbury Road, Toronto, ON M3M 0A8 2016-08-22
Sprucecourt Child Care Centre 70 Spruce Street, Toronto, ON M5A 2J1 2016-08-16
Our Lady of Wisdom YMCA 10 Japonica Road, Toronto, ON M1R 4R7 2016-08-15
Mount Dennis Early Learning & Child Care Centre 1296 Weston Road, Toronto, ON M6M 4R3 2016-07-29
Enquiring Minds Montessori 24 Progress Avenue, Toronto, ON M1P 2Y4 2016-07-03
Gateway Montessori School 5 Elinor Avenue, Toronto, ON M1R 3H1 2016-07-03
Liberty Prep Parliament 162 Parliament Street, Toronto, ON M5A 2Y9 2016-06-29
Riverdale Mighty Kids Corp. 842 Gerrard Street, Toronto, ON M4M 1Y7 2016-05-09
The Giles School 80 Scarsdale Road, Toronto, ON M3B 2R7 2016-03-28
Early Years Education System (E.Y.E.S) 3000 Victoria Park Avenue, Toronto, ON M2J 4Y2 2016-02-23
Children's Forest Before and After School Club 100 Old Orchard Grove, Toronto, ON M5M 2E2 2016-02-05
Gatehouse Family Daycare 240 Avenue Road, Toronto, ON M5R 2J4 2016-01-29
Brookhaven Child Care - St. Bernard Site 12 Duckworth Street, Toronto, ON M6M 4W4 2016-01-26
Ellesmere Montessori School 37 Marchington Circle, Toronto, ON M1R 3M6 2016-01-19
Apple Jacks Preschool 2-670 Kingston Road, Toronto, ON M4E 1X4 2016-01-07
Ellington Montessori School 40 Cowdray Court, Toronto, ON M1S 1A1 2016-01-06
Montessori Village Day Nursery 297 Old Kingston Road, Toronto, ON M1C 1B4 2016-01-05
Mesorah Montessori School 471 Lawrence Ave. West Avenue, Toronto, ON M5M 1C6 2016-01-04
Northwood Montessori St. Agnes Campus 280 Otonabee Avenue, Toronto, ON M2M 2R2 2015-12-31
Associated Cedarvale 1445 Eglinton Avenue, Toronto, ON M6C 2E1 2015-12-31
Posluns Education Centre 18 Neptune Drive, Toronto, ON M6A 1X1 2015-12-31
BAIS YAAKOV ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 15 SARANAC Boulevard, Toronto, ON M6A 2G4 2015-12-31
Maria Montessori School Young Children's Community 125 Brentcliffe Road, Toronto, ON M4G 3Y7 2015-12-31
Waldorf Academy Childcare Centre 263/265 Spadina Road, Toronto, ON M5R 2V3 2015-12-31
Waldorf Academy Childcare Centre-Madison 250 Madison Avenue, Toronto, ON M4V 2W6 2015-12-31
Bluebird Montessori School (Mini) 905 A Broadview Avenue, Toronto, ON M4K 2R2 2015-12-30
Bluebird Montessori School (North) 958 Broadview Avenue, Toronto, ON M4K 2R6 2015-12-30
Bluebird Montessori School South 515 Broadview Avenue, Toronto, ON M4K 2N6 2015-12-30
Northwood Montessori 1080 Finch Avenue, Toronto, ON M2J 2X2 2015-12-29
A.R.S. Nursery School 45 Hallcrown Place, Toronto, ON M2J 4Y4 2015-12-29
Bannockburn School 12 Bannockburn Avenue, Toronto, ON M5M 2M8 2015-12-29
Netivot HaTorah - South Campus 470 Glencairn Avenue, Toronto, ON M5N 1V8 2015-12-23
Blaisdale Montessori School 231 Milner Avenue, Toronto, ON M1S 5E3 2015-12-23
Jardin d'éveil 294 Lawrence Avenue, Toronto, ON M4N 3H4 2015-12-23
Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study Laboratory School Nursery 45 Walmer Road, Toronto, ON M5R 2X2 2015-12-23
TFS Canada's International School (Mildehall Branch) 101 Mildenhall Road, Toronto, ON M4N 3H4 2015-12-21
Bayview Glen 275 Duncan Mill Road, Toronto, ON M3B 3H9 2015-12-19
The Laurel School 44 Upjohn Road, Toronto, ON M3B 2W1 2015-12-15
Taddle Creek Montessori School 39 Spadina Road, Toronto, ON M5R 2S9 2015-12-11
The Mildenhall School 35 Ourland Avenue, Toronto, ON M8Z 4E1 2015-12-10
High Park Gardens Montessori School 35 High Park Gardens, Toronto, ON M6R 1S8 2015-11-13
Yeshivat Yesodei Hatora 77 Glenrush Boulevard, Toronto, ON M5N 2T8 2015-10-08
Tiny Explorers Academy INC 115 Merton Street, Toronto, ON M4S 2L7 2015-10-01
Eitz Chaim Schools VM 2742 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON M6B 1T2 2015-09-18
PLASP Blythwood Junior Public School 2 Strathgowan Crescent, Toronto, ON M4N 2Z5 2015-09-05
Humbercrest Nursery School 569 Jane Street, Toronto, ON M6S 4A3 2015-09-04
MANDARIN CHILD CARE CENTRE INC 2155 Lawrence Avenue, Toronto, ON M1R 5G9 2015-08-29
Chabad of Midtown - Bathurst 1344 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON M5R 3H7 2015-08-28
Chabad of Midtown - St. Clair 544-546 St. Clair Avenue, Toronto, ON M6C 1B6 2015-08-28