Ontario Licensed Child Care Facilities

Jurisdiction: Ontario
Source: Province of Ontario, Child Care Licensing System

This dataset includes 6.52 thousand child care facilities in Ontario licensed with the Child Care Licensing System. Each child care facility is registered with licensee name, program type, ministry region, Consolidated Municipal Service Manager (CMSM)/District Social Service Administration Board (DSSAB) name, child care centre or agency name, licence number, original issue date, licence status, language of service delivery, facility address, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue Date
CALVARY NURSERY SCHOOL 290 Ridout Street, London, ON N6C 3Z1 2068-02-01
La ribambelle - La Pommeraie 3500 Settlement Trail, London, ON N6P 0C3 2018-01-17
Sir Arthur Currie Childcare 2435 Buroak Road, London, ON N6G 5B6 2017-08-28
Cedar Hollow Children's Centre 1800 Cedarhollow Boulevard, London, ON N5X 0C5 2017-08-25
St. John French Immersion School Age Program 1212 Coronation Drive, London, ON N6G 0B4 2017-08-25
North Woods Montessori School 193 Homestead Crescent, London, ON N6G 2E6 2016-10-19
Ealing YMCA School AGe Program 840 Hamilton Road, London, ON N5Z 1V5 2016-09-02
Preschool of the Arts Forest City Limited 111 Wortley Road, London, ON N6C 3P2 2016-09-01
Escale La Pommeraie 3500 Settlement Trail, London, ON N6P 0B6 2016-08-25
Westminster Central YMCA School Age Program 2835 Westminster Drive, London, ON N6N 1L7 2016-08-18
Wortley YMCA Child Care 165 Elmwood Avenue, London, ON N6A 4X5 2016-07-26
Oxford Montessori Academy of London 311 Oxford Street, London, ON N6A 1V3 2015-12-23
Waterloo Montessori Academy of London 718 Waterloo Street, London, ON N6A 3V9 2015-12-23
Westmount Montessori Academy of London 362 Commissioners Road, London, ON N6J 1Y3 2015-12-23
Gibbons park Montessori School 29 Victoria Street, London, ON N6A 2B1 2015-12-18
London Islamic School 151 Oxford Street, London, ON N6H 1S3 2015-09-17
Trafalgar School Age Program 919 Trafalgar St, London, ON N5Z 1Z3 2015-09-04
Calvary Nursery School Inc. 290 Ridout Street, London, ON N6C 3Z1 2015-08-28
London Waldorf School 7 Beaufort Street, London, ON N6G 1A5 2015-08-11
Preschool of the Arts 115 Askin Street, London, ON N6C 1E7 2015-03-20
World Class Kids 35 Jim Ashton Street, London, ON N5V 3H4 2014-09-26
SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM - Louise Arbour Public School 365 Belfield Street, London, ON N5Y 2K3 2014-08-29
St Nicholas Before and After School Program 1956 Shore Road, London, ON N6K 0E8 2014-08-29
St. John French Immersion YMCA School Age 449 Hill Street, London, ON N6B 1E5 2014-08-18
London French Day Care Centre Inc. 13 - 1050 Kipps Lane, London, ON N5Y 4S5 2013-11-19
East Carling YMCA Child Care and School Age Program 814 Quebec Street, London, ON N5Y 1X4 2012-09-04
Knollwood YMCA School Age Program 70 Gammage Street, London, ON N5Y 2B1 2012-09-04
BYRON WOODS MONTESSORI SCHOOL 1468 Commissioners Road, London, ON N6K 1E6 2012-07-02
L'ÉSCALE ST. JEAN DE BRÉBEUF 270 Chelton Chemin, London, ON N6M 0B9 2011-09-06
KIDZONE DAY CARE CENTRE 1175 Hyde Park Road, London, ON N6H 5K6 2011-06-17
SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM - STONEY CREEK PUBLIC SCHOOL 1335 Nicole Street, London, ON N5X 4M7 2010-08-24
ARVA'S LITTLE SCHOOL HOUSE 22405 Richmond Street, London, ON N5X 4B2 2009-11-09
SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM - ARTHUR FORD PUBLIC SCHOOL 617 Viscount Road, London, ON N6J 2Y4 2009-08-11
SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM - RIVERSIDE PUBLIC SCHOOL 550 Pinetree Drive, London, ON N6H 3N1 2009-08-11
KINDERVILLE LONDON DAYCARE 1119 Gainsborough Road, London, ON N6H 5L5 2009-07-03
NORTHBRAE YMCA CHILD CARE 335 Belfield Street, London, ON N5Y 2K3 2008-11-26
CLUB BIENVENUE 449 Hill Street, London, ON N6B 1E5 2008-11-07
LA RIBAMBELLE - ST-JEAN DE BRÉBEUF 270 Chelton Chemin, London, ON N6M 0B9 2008-09-03
SIR JOHN A MACDONALD YMCA CHILDCARE 1150 Landor Street, London, ON N5Y 3W3 2008-09-03
THE SALVATION ARMY VILLAGE CHILD CARE CENTRE 1340 Dundas Street, London, ON N5W 3B6 2008-06-07
KIDS & COMPANY - LONDON 1486 Richmond Street, London, ON N6G 2M3 2007-10-11
UNIVERSITY LABORATORY SCHOOL 361 Windermere Road, London, ON N6A 3K7 2007-09-20
PRINCESS ELIZABETH YMCA SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM 247 Thompson Road, London, ON N5Z 2Z3 2007-08-30
SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM - VICTORIA PUBLIC SCHOOL 130 Wharncliffe Road, London, ON N6J 2K5 2007-08-27
Dream Weavers Day Care Inc. - O/A Wee Watch Enriched Home Child Care-London West 2 - 245 Maitland Street, London, ON N6B 2Y2 2006-09-28
SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM - ST. BERNADETTE CATHOLIC SCHOOL 155 Tweedsmuir Avenue, London, ON N5W 1K9 2006-09-05
BLESSED SACRAMENT YMCA SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM 1063 Oxford Street, London, ON N5Y 3L4 2006-09-05
CHIPPEWA YMCA SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM 1035 Chippewa Drive, London, ON N5V 2T6 2006-09-05
F.D. ROOSEVELT YMCA SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM 560 Second Street, London, ON N5V 2B7 2006-09-05
FAIRMONT YMCA SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM 1040 Hamilton Road, London, ON N5W 1A6 2006-09-05
HOLY CROSS YMCA SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM 18 Elm Street, London, ON N5Z 2X2 2006-09-05
HOLY ROSARY YMCA SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM 268 Herkimer Street, London, ON N6C 4S4 2006-09-05
NOTRE DAME YMCA SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM 767 Valetta Street, London, ON N6H 4N1 2006-09-05
ST. PAUL YMCA SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM 1090 Guildwood Boulevard, London, ON N6H 4G6 2006-09-05
ST. ROBERT YMCA SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM 1958 Duluth Crescent, London, ON N5V 1H7 2006-09-05
ST. SEBASTIAN YMCA SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM 225 Cairn Street, London, ON N5Z 3W6 2006-09-05
ST. KATERI YMCA CHILD CARE 220 Sunnyside Drive, London, ON N5X 3R1 2006-03-20
WEE WATCH ENRICHED HOME CHILD CARE - LONDON EAST 2 - 245 Maitland Street, London, ON N6B 2Y2 2006-03-01
KIDWORKS YMCA CHILD CARE 100 Wellington Road, London, ON N6C 4M8 2005-10-31
KIDLOGIC LONDON INC. 750 Wharncliffe Road, London, ON N6J 2N4 2005-10-03
LORNE AVE YMCA CHILD CARE 723 Lorne Avenue, London, ON N5W 3K7 2005-09-19
L'Escale de Marie Curie 40 Hunt Club Drive, London, ON N6H 3Y3 2005-09-06
L'Escale de la Tamise 1260 Dundas Street, London, ON N5W 5P2 2005-09-06
GROSVENOR NURSERY SCHOOL 711 Colborne Street, London, ON N6A 3Z4 2005-09-06
EAST LONDON YMCA CHILD CARE 2016 Dundas Street, London, ON N5V 1R1 2005-09-02
L'Escale de L'ecole Ste-Jeanne d'Arc 35 Fallons Lane, London, ON N5V 5C1 2005-07-04
L'Escale de l'ecole Frere Andre 400 Baseline Road, London, ON N6J 1W1 2005-07-04
La Ribambelle Marie-Curie 40 Hunt Club Drive, London, ON N6H 3Y3 2005-06-17
UCC FLEXIBLE YMCA CHILD CARE 1151 Richmond Street, London, ON N6A 3K7 2005-04-26
WESTERN DAY CARE CENTRE - BLUE HERON 1848 Blue Heron Drive, London, ON N6H 5L9 2005-04-08
WESTERN DAY CARE CENTRE - EMERY 27 Emery Street, London, ON N6J 1R5 2005-03-17
WINDY WOODS YMCA CHILD CARE 109 Belmont Drive, London, ON N6J 4Y1 2005-02-10
ST. THERESA YMCA CHILD CARE 108 Fairlane Avenue, London, ON N6K 3E6 2005-02-02
ST. MARGUERITE D'YOUVILLE YMCA CHILD CARE 170 Hawthorne Road, London, ON N6G 4Z9 2005-01-24
LITTLE READERS - OXFORD LEARNING CENTRE (BYRON) 1240 Commissioners Road, London, ON N6K 1C7 2004-10-05
PRESCHOOL OF THE ARTS 115 Askin Street, London, ON N6C 1E7 2004-09-07
SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM - EAGLE HEIGHTS PUBLIC SCHOOL 284 Oxford Street, London, ON N6H 1S9 2004-09-07
SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM - JEANNE SAUVE 215 Wharncliffe Road, London, ON N6H 2B6 2004-09-07
ST. CATHERINE OF SIENA YMCA SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM 2140 Quarrier Road, London, ON N6G 5L4 2004-09-07
UNIVERSITY YMCA CHILD CARE 1141 Western Road, London, ON N6G 1G6 2004-09-07
La Ribambelle Frere-Andre 400 Base Line Road, London, ON N6J 1W1 2004-09-01
KANGAROO'S POUCH 720 Proudfoot Lane, London, ON N6H 5G5 2004-07-30
ORCHARD PARK SCHOOLAGE PROGRAM 50 Wychwood Park, London, ON N6G 1R6 2003-11-03
SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM - HILLCREST PUBLIC SCHOOL 1231 Fuller Street, London, ON N5Y 4P7 2003-09-02
SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM - ST. GEORGE CATHOLIC SCHOOL 375 Lynden Crescent, London, ON N6K 2J1 2003-09-02
ORCHARD PARK NURSERY SCHOOL 590 Gainsborough Road, London, ON N6G 3S1 2002-09-03
STONEYBROOK EARLY CHILDHOOD LEARNING CENTRE 550 Fanshawe Park Road, London, ON N5X 1L1 2002-05-10
SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM - PRINCE CHARLES PUBLIC SCHOOL 1601 Wavell Street, London, ON N5W 2C9 2001-08-24
SIMPLY KIDS INC. 30 Jim Ashton Street, London, ON N5V 2A9 2001-04-24
SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM - ST. MARKS CATHOLIC SCHOOL 1440 Glenora Drive, London, ON N5X 1V2 2001-01-08
MULBERRY BUSH CHILD CENTRE 555 Topping Lane, London, ON N6J 3M9 2000-11-03
La Ribambelle de Ste. Jeanne-d'Arc 35 Fallons Lane, London, ON N5V 5C1 2000-09-05
SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM - EVELYN HARRISON PUBLIC SCHOOL 50 Tewkesbury Crescent, London, ON N5V 2M8 2000-08-22
HURON HEIGHTS EARLY CHILDHOOD LEARNING CENTRE 1305 Webster Street, London, ON N5V 3P8 1999-09-14
SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM - HOLY FAMILY CATHOLIC SCHOOL 329 Hudson Drive, London, ON N5V 1E4 1999-08-17
SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM - W. SHERWOOD FOX PUBLIC SCHOOL 660 Steeplechase Drive, London, ON N6J 3P4 1998-09-12