Toronto Business Licence

Jurisdiction: Toronto
Source: City of Toronto, Municipal Licensing and Standards (ML&S)

This dataset includes 157 thousand business licences issued by City of Toronto, Municipal Licensing and Standards (ML&S). Municipal Licensing & Standards issues licences to various types of businesses and trades, as well as some mobile businesses in the City. This dataset contains information about specific categories of licences and permits incuding the licence/permit category, licence number, operating name, date issued, client's name, business address, business phone number, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue/Cancel Date
Alpha Parking Solutions · Alpha Technology Systems Inc Hagersville, ON N0A 1H0 2020-07-17
Barburrito · 2750994 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M9W 6N5 2020-07-17
Oakridge Variety · 2758531 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M1L 3W4 2020-07-16
Kibo Secret Garden · 2736659 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M5R 1A8 2020-07-16
Hair By Keith · Alexander, Keith A Toronto, ON M4G 4H9 2020-07-16
Daisy Mart · 2758375 Ontario Ltd Toronto, ON M4C 5B9 2020-07-15
Master Soft & Delight Dairy Products · Master Soft & Delight Dairy Products Inc Toronto, ON M1K 1A3 2020-07-15
Nothing Fancy · 789776 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M6J 1X3 2020-07-15
To To Sushi · To To Corporation Toronto, ON M4L 1Z9 2020-07-15
Hank's Liquor · 11688626 Canada Inc Toronto, ON M6J 1Y4 2020-07-15
O.b.suzume · Hutchinson, Curtis F Toronto, ON M5T 2W6 2020-07-15
Ok Variety · 10502383 Canada Ltd Toronto, ON M6N 1K9 2020-07-15
Driviology · 11950177 Canada Inc Toronto, ON M3B 3H9 2020-07-15
Thulasi's Kitchen · 2658593 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M1J 1C9 2020-07-14
Lobby · 2683433 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M6J 1H7 2020-07-14
Gardel · Gardel Inc Toronto, ON M4M 1Z5 2020-07-14
Dream Cream · Weldegeorgis, Membere Toronto, ON M4J 1M1 2020-07-14
Seven Lives Tacos Y Mariscos · Seven Lives Tacos Y Mariscos Inc Toronto, ON M5T 2K1 2020-07-14
J P Towing Service & Storage · J P Towing Service & Storage Ltd Toronto, ON M6N 1P5 2020-07-14
Tammy's Spa · Nguyen, Mai Thi Toronto, ON M8V 1C4 2020-07-14
A V Plumbing & Gas Installations Ltd Toronto, ON M6H 4K5 2020-07-14
Tru-motion Automotive Services Inc Toronto, ON M3J 2X8 2020-07-13
Falcon Roadside · 1960456 Ontario Ltd Toronto, ON M2N 1H1 2020-07-13
Golden Nails · Nguyen, Quynh Trang Joyce Toronto, ON M9N 2S3 2020-07-11
Riptide Beach Pub · Riptide Beach Pub Inc Toronto, ON M4L 1J2 2020-07-11
Sally's Kitchen · Flames Carribean Kitchen Inc Toronto, ON M9L 1Y7 2020-07-10
Hogtown Smoke · 2372529 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M4L 1H7 2020-07-10
Royal Cuts Barber Shop · Royal Cuts Barber Shop Inc Toronto, ON M4C 3G4 2020-07-10
Beach Hill Smokehouse Danforth · Beach Hill Smokehouse Danforth Inc Toronto, ON M4K 1P1 2020-07-10
Off The Hook · 2707147 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M4K 2P6 2020-07-10
Ba-on Filipino Take Out Ltd. · Navarro, Marc Alvin Toronto, ON M6C 1A3 2020-07-10
Enjoy Virtual Games · Adhinom,abeba/tseggai,dawit Toronto, ON M6E 1C2 2020-07-10
Ktshop Grill · K T Shop Grill Inc Toronto, ON M1R 4C2 2020-07-10
Twisted Indian Wraps · 11324730 Canada Inc Toronto, ON M4T 1N5 2020-07-10
Vietlicious · Le, Mai Phuong Toronto, ON M5B 1R7 2020-07-09
Civil Liberties Bar · 2414656 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M6G 1M5 2020-07-09
Kourosh Supermarket · Vanak Foods Inc Toronto, ON M2K 1C3 2020-07-09
Caravan Cafe & Tea House · Hotay's Caravan Inc Toronto, ON M6H 1M9 2020-07-08
Shell Canada · Sahiba Inc Toronto, ON M6R 1W6 2020-07-08
Marie Christina Beauty · Wolfish, Marie Christina Toronto, ON M5M 3Z4 2020-07-08
Marsil Mechanical Inc Concord, ON L4K 4C7 2020-07-08
Feta & Olives · 5022188 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M5G 2C2 2020-07-07
Toronto Grills Jalil Dizaji · Toronto Grills Jalil Dizaji Inc Toronto, ON M5S 1E7 2020-07-07
Maya Bay · 2746590 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M5A 2L1 2020-07-07
Beach Valu-mart · Loblaws Inc Toronto, ON M4E 1G4 2020-07-07
Beefing W 7 · 2756877 Ontario Ltd Toronto, ON M5T 2G5 2020-07-07
The Health Shoppe · Nirvana Natural Foods Ltd Toronto, ON M4T 1Y5 2020-07-07
Tobacco Road · Vital-one Remedies Inc Toronto, ON M4W 3B8 2020-07-07
Donway Ford · Donway Ford Inc Toronto, ON M1L 2M9 2020-07-07
Nord Lyon · Cc Canada Inc Toronto, ON M6J 1E6 2020-07-05
Salem Pizza and Chicken · Salem Pizza and Chicken Inc Toronto, ON M1J 3C2 2020-07-03
Steel N Ink · Steel N Ink Ltd Toronto, ON M3C 0G4 2020-07-03
Chiang Mai Thai Kitchen Liberty Village · Thai Room Kingwest Inc Toronto, ON M6K 3P6 2020-07-03
Wet Chicken · Kim, Yeomin Toronto, ON M2N 5S3 2020-07-01
The Commoner Bar Room · Sienna Hospitality (college St) Lp Toronto, ON M6G 1B4 2020-06-30
Bar Twelve 16 · 2738335 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M8Z 1T8 2020-06-30
2045 Xiaofanguan · 5028762 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M1E 4P7 2020-06-29
Capi's · Pizzani Inc Toronto, ON M8X 1Y3 2020-06-26
Animal Liberation Kitchen · Spasic, Tatjana Toronto, ON M4M 3H3 2020-06-24
Me Va Me · 2709163 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M5M 3X5 2020-06-23
Indian Desire By Riyasat · 11858556 Canada Inc Toronto, ON M5S 1X9 2020-06-23
Swiss Chalet · Recipe Unlimited Corp Toronto, ON M9W 1J1 2020-06-23
Vasantham Supermarket · 2726739 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M1X 1E6 2020-06-23
Trellis Listening Bar · 2747236 Ontario Ltd Toronto, ON M6H 2C1 2020-06-20
Bar Vendetta · Bar Vendetta Inc Toronto, ON M6J 1W3 2020-06-19
Nk Beauty Lounge · Neda Beauty Corp Toronto, ON M2N 2H6 2020-06-19
New Jack's Bakery · New Jack's Bakery Inc Toronto, ON M6E 2W2 2020-06-19
Kerala Kitchen & Cafe · 2749325 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M1H 1A4 2020-06-19
Tut's · 9956174 Canada Inc Toronto, ON M5V 1M1 2020-06-17
M3x Construction Inc Brampton, ON L6Y 2E3 2020-06-17
Rasta Pasta Bar and Lounge · Rasta Pasta Bar and Lounge Inc Toronto, ON M5T 2K2 2020-06-17
Venti Twenty Cafe · Venti Twenty Cafe Ltd Toronto, ON M6N 1H9 2020-06-17
Vapers Market · 2620918 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M8V 1B6 2020-06-17
Lucky's Chinese Restaurant · 2436485 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M1P 2S1 2020-06-17
La Bartola Taco Shop · La Bartola Taco Shop Inc Toronto, ON M6G 1B3 2020-06-16
Kabob Boys · Kabob Boys Inc Toronto, ON M6J 1E7 2020-06-16
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen · 5021965 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M5V 3W1 2020-06-16
Kofuku Sushi · Kofuku Sushi Inc Toronto, ON M4T 1M9 2020-06-15
Mango Like Desserts · 11906810 Canada Inc Toronto, ON M5T 2L9 2020-06-15
Real Fruit Bubble Tea · Real Fruit Bubble Tea Inc Toronto, ON M2N 6Z4 2020-06-15
M&d Variety · 2741758 Ontario Ltd Toronto, ON M3L 2N1 2020-06-13
Queen's Shop - Fine Hairdressing · Queen's Shop - Fine Hairdressing Inc Toronto, ON M6H 1M9 2020-06-12
Baskin Robbins · 9003088 Canada Corp Toronto, ON M9W 6K5 2020-06-12 ~ 2020-07-13
Rincon Paisa Toronto · Rincon Paisa Toronto Inc Toronto, ON M6E 2J5 2020-06-12
Cuppa Tea Harbourfront · Le Sun Catering Qqw Inc Toronto, ON M5J 2T5 2020-06-12
Kenzo · 2701844 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M8X 1E9 2020-06-11
Tom's Dairy Freeze · 1596754 Ontario Ltd Toronto, ON M8Y 1K5 2020-06-10
Onion Rings and Fries Factory · 11899694 Canada Inc Toronto, ON M4C 1K3 2020-06-09
Chatime · 11421433 Canada Ltd Toronto, ON M2M 3X9 2020-06-09
Beauty Bargain and Variety Store · Paul, Beauty Toronto, ON M4C 1L8 2020-06-09
Shoppers Drug Mart #875 · R K Seth Drugs Ltd Toronto, ON M1T 1V7 2020-06-08
905 Ink Tattoos · 2265779 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M4L 1Z2 2020-06-08
The Bagel Stop · Northez Inc Toronto, ON M5K 1A1 2020-06-06
Perfect Cafe · Perfect Beyond Imagination (pbi) Inc Toronto, ON M3M 2E9 2020-06-06
Pancho's Bakery Inc Toronto, ON M5T 2L6 2020-06-05
Casa Portugesa · 5029159 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M6E 4V9 2020-06-05
The Egg Man Inc Toronto, ON M6E 3E8 2020-06-05
Natural Curly Hair Haven Studio · Burke, Dixie Ann Toronto, ON M9C 1A8 2020-06-05
Pepper's Food and Drink · Hanmoto Inc Toronto, ON M6H 1V5 2020-06-04
Tadka Spot · 2750825 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M1E 4B8 2020-06-04