Toronto Business Licence

Jurisdiction: Toronto
Source: City of Toronto, Municipal Licensing and Standards (ML&S)

This dataset includes 157 thousand business licences issued by City of Toronto, Municipal Licensing and Standards (ML&S). Municipal Licensing & Standards issues licences to various types of businesses and trades, as well as some mobile businesses in the City. This dataset contains information about specific categories of licences and permits incuding the licence/permit category, licence number, operating name, date issued, client's name, business address, business phone number, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue/Cancel Date
Emily House Nail Studio · En Hong Company Ltd Toronto, ON M6J 1X8 2020-07-23
784 Fade Zone Barber Studio · Bess, Ezra Smitten Toronto, ON M1J 2H5 2020-07-22
Natural Curly Hair Haven Studio · Burke, Dixie Ann Toronto, ON M9C 1A8 2020-06-05
B-side Lounge · Touche Studio Lounge Inc Toronto, ON M6G 1B9 2020-02-26
E Lash Studio · 1995001 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M3K 1E1 2020-02-25
Oakdale Wellness Studio · 11790242 Canada Inc Toronto, ON M3N 1W7 2020-02-24
Gatsby Studio Salon & Spa · 11364812 Canada Inc Toronto, ON M2J 5A7 2020-02-13
Bamboo Tattoo Studio · 1800044 Ontario Ltd Toronto, ON M8Y 1L2 2020-02-11
Ancient Future Studios · 2711506 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M5T 2L5 2020-02-11
Carte Blanche Tattoo Studio + Art Gallery · 2427568 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M5B 1G3 2020-02-11
Gloss Studio · Fiander, Lindsay Mary Lynne Toronto, ON M9C 1A8 2020-02-10
Pellas Hair Studio · 11870530 Canada Inc Toronto, ON M4C 1J4 2020-02-05
Gisellejoystudio · Antonio-sarmiento, Giselle Joy Toronto, ON M9C 1A8 2020-02-03
Halo Hair Studio · Park, Hyun Joo Toronto, ON M2N 7A2 2020-01-31
Zara's Spa & Hair Studio · Zara's Spa & Hair Studio Inc Toronto, ON M4H 1C4 2020-01-31
Nadine's Hair Studio · Nadine's Hair Studio Inc Toronto, ON M6E 2G8 2020-01-17
Zeev's Nutrition Studio · Zeev's Nutrition Studio Inc Toronto, ON M2H 3B2 2020-01-01
The Lash Pro Studio & Store · The Lash Store Pro Ltd Toronto, ON M6S 4W1 2019-12-06
Angel Auto Studio · Angel Auto Studio Inc Toronto, ON M1P 2N9 2019-12-04
Am Coffee Studio · Am Coffee Studio Inc Toronto, ON M6R 1X6 2019-11-27
J & B Hair Studio · J & B Hair Studio Ltd Toronto, ON M3L 1B2 2019-11-27
Ali Barber Studio · 5015872 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M1H 2Y1 2019-11-25
Antidote Studio · Antidote Studio Inc Toronto, ON M6K 1G8 2019-11-20
Lilac Beauty & Dress Studio · 2624540 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M9V 1A6 2019-11-18
Poa Studio · Esthetic Laser Solutions Inc Toronto, ON M5C 2X7 2019-11-12
Tokyo Beauty Studio · Tokyo Beauty Studio Inc Toronto, ON M3C 1Z5 2019-11-12
Hair Flow Hair Care Studio · Hair Flow Styling Lounge Inc Toronto, ON M4G 4H9 2019-11-07
Top of The World Hair Studio · Cartasano, Jay Carvajal Toronto, ON M5A 1T1 2019-11-06
Memo Unique Tattoo Studio · Jiang, Wanze Toronto, ON M2N 4P9 2019-11-06
Oreya Studio · Oreya Inc Toronto, ON M4M 1H2 2019-11-01
Original Hair Studio · Yang, Xing Cai Toronto, ON M1V 4W6 2019-10-31
Canvas21 Beauty Studio · Canvas21 Beauty Studio Inc Toronto, ON M5B 1S8 2019-10-25
Venus Laser and Skincare Studio · Siotas, Maria Toronto, ON M4G 4H9 2019-10-25
D's Studio · 2565183 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M1V 0B7 2019-10-22
My Facial Studio · Yu, Miria Toronto, ON M4T 1W4 2019-10-10
Fusion Personal Health Studio · 1533111 Ontario Ltd Toronto, ON M4T 1W4 2019-09-30
Lookatherhairstudio · Luk, Chi-kwan Toronto, ON M9C 1A8 2019-08-29
Glamour Concepts Studio · Glamour Concepts Studio Ltd Toronto, ON M3K 1E6 2019-08-21
Stubz Hair Studio · 10634859 Canada Inc Toronto, ON M4P 1A9 2019-08-08
Massoda's Hair Studio · Hakimi, Massoda Toronto, ON M4G 4H9 2019-08-07
Terry's Hair Studio · Terry's Hair Studio Inc Toronto, ON M5B 1S8 2019-08-03
Nu's Hair Studio · Nu's Hair Studio Inc Toronto, ON M9B 1A8 2019-08-02
Studio Nails · 2690493 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M4J 1L5 2019-07-26
Level 10 Hair Studio · Level 10 Hair Studio Inc Toronto, ON M5T 1K6 2019-07-25
Oceanwayvs Barber Studio · Paul, Tremayne Simeon Toronto, ON M9C 1A8 2019-07-25
Creation Barbershop & Hair Studio · Creation To Inc Toronto, ON M1V 5P7 2019-07-18
The Living Room Hair Studio · 1805683 Ontario Ltd Toronto, ON M4T 1Y5 2019-07-15
Wild Ink Studio's #4 · 6650571 Canada Ltd Toronto, ON M1P 2X8 2019-07-10
2001 Hair Studio · George, Bernard Toronto, ON M6E 2H1 2019-07-09
Cures Studio · 2451497 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M6K 3P6 2019-07-05
Just Us Hair Studio · Just Us Hair Studio Inc Toronto, ON M6S 1M7 2019-07-03
Scarlet Begonias Studio · Clarke, Jordanna Betty Toronto, ON M4C 4E2 2019-06-27
Aces Hair Studio · Aces Hair Studio Inc Toronto, ON M6H 3W3 2019-06-27
Inkdigenous Tattoo Studio · Inkdigenous Tattoo Studio Inc Toronto, ON M5T 3B3 2019-06-25
Fix-u-up@hair Studio · Montique, Novelette Patricia Toronto, ON M1B 2G5 2019-06-10
N15 Studio · 2631909 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M5G 1M7 2019-05-29
Raw Hair Studio · Chan, Paul K Toronto, ON M9C 1A8 2019-05-09
Warden Woods Hair Studio · Spicuglia, Giuseppina Toronto, ON M1L 0G6 2019-05-06
Stella Luna Studios · Borsa,krystal/dale,shelley/vermey,rebecca Toronto, ON M5N 1A3 2019-05-03
Extensive Beauty Studio · Holland, Kayla Lee Toronto, ON M9C 1A8 2019-04-30
The Rabbit and The Thorn Tattoo Studio · Aylwin,molly-jean/richardson,alexander James Toronto, ON M6P 1Y7 2019-04-29
Right Choice Hair Studio · 10505064 Canada Inc Toronto, ON M1E 4B8 2019-04-24
Hidden Door Studio · Maruyama, Kenji Toronto, ON M6P 1X3 2019-04-18
Tia Nail Studio · Tia Nail Studio Inc Toronto, ON M5S 3A5 2019-04-15
Studio Glam Beauty Salon · Studio Glam Beauty Salon Inc Toronto, ON M9R 4E1 2019-04-08
King Panther Tattoos · Golden Studio Corp Toronto, ON M5A 1V1 2019-03-14
Castlefield Hair Studio · Lall, Leela R Toronto, ON M4P 1Z8 2019-03-13
Southside Tattoo Studio · Carrillo,angel/okyere,nana/poirier,evan Toronto, ON M8V 3V8 2019-03-12
Tangren Food Studio · 11134396 Canada Inc Toronto, ON M1S 5H9 2019-03-12
Amani Hair Studio · Amani Hair Studio Inc Toronto, ON M4P 2E7 2019-02-19
Platinum Studio & School of Advance African Hair Care · Platinum Studio & School of Advance African Hair Care Inc Toronto, ON M9V 1A6 2019-02-13
Lina Tran Studio · Lina Tran Studio Inc Toronto, ON M4K 2M7 2019-02-11
Pizza Studio · Namaste Inc Toronto, ON M3J 0K9 2019-01-17
One Auto Studio · Lee, Hyo Won Toronto, ON M3J 3J7 2019-01-16
Joujou Hair Studio · Joujou Hair Inc Toronto, ON M8W 3V7 2019-01-14
Studio 505 Hairsalon · Bhana, Japheth Victor Toronto, ON M4L 3A7 2019-01-07
Celebrity Touch Hair Studio · Shepherd, Sherlock Anthony Toronto, ON M6E 2G5 2018-12-11
Odalisque Studios · Tremblay, Tye Jacques Toronto, ON M9A 1B7 2018-12-07 ~ 2020-01-28
Bode Studio · 1969568 Ontario Ltd Toronto, ON M5A 2Z1 2018-11-20
Studio 9 · 2654880 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M6M 5G7 2018-11-15
New Wave Hair Studio · Cheung, Siu Yan Toronto, ON M1S 5H9 2018-11-15
Bellco Beauty Studio · 2636218 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M1V 3S8 2018-11-02
Dalal Hair Studio · Elchaar, Celina Toronto, ON M9C 1A8 2018-10-31 ~ 2019-03-01
Inkdigenous Tattoo Studio · Inkdigenous Tattoo Studio Inc Toronto, ON M5B 2B5 2018-10-30 ~ 2020-01-30
Copper Bottomed Tattoo Studio · Naraine, Mark Anthony Sase Toronto, ON M4J 1N4 2018-10-26
Meraki Hair Studio · Carreiro, Diana R Toronto, ON M9C 1A8 2018-10-23
Studio Heather · Seo, Jeong Hwa Toronto, ON M5R 1J2 2018-10-01
52 Barber Studio · Malik, Mujahid Hussain Toronto, ON M5V 4A6 2018-09-14
Foodwrx Cooking Studio · Foodwrx Cooking Studio Inc Toronto, ON M3B 1X8 2018-09-14
Head Candy Studio · Young, Kathryn Toronto, ON M5T 1P9 2018-09-11
Young Trend Hair Studio · 2632381 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M1E 4P7 2018-08-31
Mode Studio Hair for Men · Mode Studio Hair for Men Ltd Toronto, ON M4S 2A4 2018-08-29
Era Studio · 1996064 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M9W 1A9 2018-07-31 ~ 2019-10-31
Beaute' D'amour Nails Studio · Beaute' D'amour Nails Studio Inc Toronto, ON M4W 2G9 2018-07-25
Savie Hair Studio · Savie Hair Studio Inc Toronto, ON M6B 3T3 2018-07-09
Blackline Studio · Blackline Studio Inc Toronto, ON M5V 1K1 2018-06-08 ~ 2019-09-08
Classic Studio By Tetyana Pichugina · Pichugina, Tetyana Toronto, ON M9C 1E7 2018-05-29
Studio Glam Beauty Salon · Studio Glam Beauty Salon Inc Toronto, ON M9N 1J3 2018-05-24 ~ 2019-02-11
6 Degrees Studio · 2505087 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M4K 1N8 2018-05-17
Ink Living Color Tattoo Studio · Ink Living Color Ltd Toronto, ON M2N 0J6 2018-04-17