Toronto Business Licence

Jurisdiction: Toronto
Source: City of Toronto, Municipal Licensing and Standards (ML&S)

This dataset includes 157 thousand business licences issued by City of Toronto, Municipal Licensing and Standards (ML&S). Municipal Licensing & Standards issues licences to various types of businesses and trades, as well as some mobile businesses in the City. This dataset contains information about specific categories of licences and permits incuding the licence/permit category, licence number, operating name, date issued, client's name, business address, business phone number, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue/Cancel Date
Fair Mart · 12146762 Canada Inc Toronto, ON M6C 2P1 2020-08-08
Tatsu Sushi · 2763137 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M6J 1G1 2020-08-01
Unique Gift & Convenience · 5034132 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M5J 1E3 2020-07-30
D'amo · 2704427 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M1N 1T8 2020-07-30
Sam James Coffee Bar Brock · Sam James Coffee Bar Brock Inc Toronto, ON M6K 1L7 2020-07-30
Caribbean Spice Variety · Beckles, Tiney Toronto, ON M1P 2P5 2020-07-30
Found Coffee · Found Coffee Inc Toronto, ON M5T 1S3 2020-07-28
Two Peas Variety · Two Peas Variety Inc Toronto, ON M5T 2G6 2020-07-28
Circle K · 2708101 Ontario Ltd Toronto, ON M1M 1P1 2020-07-28
Vb Neighbourhood Variety · Qureshi, Mohamed Riyaz Mohamed Rafiq Toronto, ON M1E 3C8 2020-07-27
Convenience K · Kim,jisu/seol,yong Hwan Toronto, ON M6K 3N7 2020-07-24
Domino's Pizza · 5008850 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M1T 3G8 2020-07-24
Osmow's · 2749111 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M5B 1S6 2020-07-23
Qq Convenience · 12090171 Canada Inc Toronto, ON M6E 3P7 2020-07-23
Sushi Real Fruit · 8840750 Canada Inc Toronto, ON M4B 2T8 2020-07-23
Pumpernickle's Catering · 2013553 Ontario Ltd Toronto, ON M5J 2V5 2020-07-22
Simply Kitchen · Simply Kitchen Inc Toronto, ON M1H 3J1 2020-07-22
Flat Rock Food + Beverage · 2750818 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M6H 1L2 2020-07-21
Thai Express · 2736217 Ontario Corp Toronto, ON M2N 5X2 2020-07-21
J&d Lotto · 1737356 Ontario Ltd Toronto, ON M1V 1V2 2020-07-21
Kebobs · 2755847 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M5A 2N1 2020-07-18
Oakridge Variety · 2758531 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M1L 3W4 2020-07-16
Daisy Mart · 2758375 Ontario Ltd Toronto, ON M4C 5B9 2020-07-15
O.b.suzume · Hutchinson, Curtis F Toronto, ON M5T 2W6 2020-07-15
Ok Variety · 10502383 Canada Ltd Toronto, ON M6N 1K9 2020-07-15
Thulasi's Kitchen · 2658593 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M1J 1C9 2020-07-14
Seven Lives Tacos Y Mariscos · Seven Lives Tacos Y Mariscos Inc Toronto, ON M5T 2K1 2020-07-14
Ba-on Filipino Take Out Ltd. · Navarro, Marc Alvin Toronto, ON M6C 1A3 2020-07-10
Ktshop Grill · K T Shop Grill Inc Toronto, ON M1R 4C2 2020-07-10
Vietlicious · Le, Mai Phuong Toronto, ON M5B 1R7 2020-07-09
Kourosh Supermarket · Vanak Foods Inc Toronto, ON M2K 1C3 2020-07-09
Feta & Olives · 5022188 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M5G 2C2 2020-07-07
Beach Valu-mart · Loblaws Inc Toronto, ON M4E 1G4 2020-07-07
The Health Shoppe · Nirvana Natural Foods Ltd Toronto, ON M4T 1Y5 2020-07-07
Tobacco Road · Vital-one Remedies Inc Toronto, ON M4W 3B8 2020-07-07
2045 Xiaofanguan · 5028762 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M1E 4P7 2020-06-29
Animal Liberation Kitchen · Spasic, Tatjana Toronto, ON M4M 3H3 2020-06-24
Vasantham Supermarket · 2726739 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M1X 1E6 2020-06-23
Kerala Kitchen & Cafe · 2749325 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M1H 1A4 2020-06-19
Real Fruit Bubble Tea · Real Fruit Bubble Tea Inc Toronto, ON M2N 6Z4 2020-06-15
M&d Variety · 2741758 Ontario Ltd Toronto, ON M3L 2N1 2020-06-13
Beauty Bargain and Variety Store · Paul, Beauty Toronto, ON M4C 1L8 2020-06-09
Shoppers Drug Mart #875 · R K Seth Drugs Ltd Toronto, ON M1T 1V7 2020-06-08
The Bagel Stop · Northez Inc Toronto, ON M5K 1A1 2020-06-06
Perfect Cafe · Perfect Beyond Imagination (pbi) Inc Toronto, ON M3M 2E9 2020-06-06
Pancho's Bakery Inc Toronto, ON M5J 2G8 2020-06-04
Hey Niuniu · 2738086 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M2N 5M5 2020-06-03
Hasty Market · 2495911 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M5T 1T5 2020-06-01
Synoma · Stephens-ryan, Marsha Margaret Toronto, ON M1V 1K4 2020-05-22
Bonbon Coffee Shop · 1965170 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M4J 3N4 2020-05-21
Lucile's West Indian Restaurant and Groceries · Porter, Karine Yanique Toronto, ON M1P 2L7 2020-05-21
Beverly Hills Fine Foods · Crudo Canada Inc Toronto, ON M3L 1A2 2020-05-21
Coco Fresh Tea & Juice · 10451690 Canada Inc Toronto, ON M1R 4B7 2020-05-21
Mark's Pizza · Mark's Pizza Inc Toronto, ON M1C 1B7 2020-05-21
Marshalls · Winners Merchants International L P Toronto, ON M5V 2E3 2020-05-12
L'amour Beauty · 2661381 Ontario Ltd Toronto, ON M4Y 2A6 2020-04-01
L'amour Beauty · 2667178 Ontario Ltd Toronto, ON M2N 5R6 2020-04-01
L'amour Beauty · 2667123 Ontario Ltd Toronto, ON M5G 1C3 2020-04-01
Presse Internationale · 2187671 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M4E 1C9 2020-04-01
L'amour Beauty · 2667160 Ontario Ltd Toronto, ON M1V 0C9 2020-04-01
Ross Convenience · 2635724 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M3N 3A1 2020-04-01
Taste & See African Food and Catering · 11139282 Canada Inc Toronto, ON M3N 2V3 2020-03-18
Bare Market · Bare Market Ltd Toronto, ON M4J 1N4 2020-03-17
Dope As Duck · Dope As Duck Inc Toronto, ON M8W 2X6 2020-03-17
Herc's Nutrition · Optimum Protein Inc Toronto, ON M5V 0K2 2020-03-16
Zini Pizza · Zini Pizza Inc Toronto, ON M6C 1B9 2020-03-16
Khi Food Services · Nguyen, Lan Thi Huyen Toronto, ON M3J 1K7 2020-03-16
2 Amigos Latinos Restaurant · 2 Amigos Latinos Restaurant Inc Toronto, ON M9N 2R9 2020-03-15
Laura Secord · Laura Secord S E C Toronto, ON M4W 3L8 2020-03-15
Kenny's Bread · Dawodu, Kehinde Yusuf Toronto, ON M6M 4R8 2020-03-12
Hangry Pirates Shawarma · 2738306 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M5T 3K5 2020-03-12
Nutrition House · 11188453 Canada Inc Toronto, ON M3J 1P3 2020-03-12
Swadish Grill · 9914510 Canada Inc Toronto, ON M3J 1K7 2020-03-12
Zak Convenience · Zak Store Inc Toronto, ON M5B 2C2 2020-03-11
Enny African Foods · Checkin and Chillout African Asian Caribbean Foods Inc Toronto, ON M9N 1X4 2020-03-11
Marshalls · Winners Merchants International L P Toronto, ON M6N 0A3 2020-03-11
Danish Pastry House · Danish Pastry House Ltd Toronto, ON M5H 3Y2 2020-03-11
Datta Food Manufactory Inc Toronto, ON M1B 4Y5 2020-03-11
Uncle Daddy's Soup & Jerk · Uncle Daddy's Soup & Jerk Inc Toronto, ON M9W 3X8 2020-03-10
Maetro Shawrama · Mk Trio Inc Toronto, ON M5A 2R7 2020-03-09
New Burrito Boss · New Burrito Boss Inc Toronto, ON M6B 3H8 2020-03-06
Healthy Butcher · Fresh City Farms Inc Toronto, ON M5V 2B6 2020-03-05
Mabel's Bakery · Fresh City Farms Inc Toronto, ON M6J 1J5 2020-03-05
Spicy Master · Famous Bird Ltd Toronto, ON M1L 3X2 2020-03-05
Qq Food Market · 2713980 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M6E 2W1 2020-03-05
Mabel's Bakery · Fresh City Farms Inc Toronto, ON M6P 1Y4 2020-03-05
Dr Delightful's Delicious Delight's · Claxton, Delecia Anthea Toronto, ON M5A 2H2 2020-03-05
Bobo Bento Box · 2559791 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M5V 4A7 2020-03-05
Healthy Butcher · Fresh City Farms Inc Toronto, ON M4R 1B2 2020-03-05
Mabel's Bakery · Fresh City Farms Inc Toronto, ON M6C 1B5 2020-03-05
Kaalia's Gourmet · Romero, Adonis Toronto, ON M9V 3Z7 2020-03-05
Mabel's Bakery · Fresh City Farms Inc Toronto, ON M6R 2M6 2020-03-05
Foodizms · Foodizms Inc Toronto, ON M1R 2Z1 2020-03-04
Yardys Jerk Chicken · Polidoro, Luca Toronto, ON M3K 2B6 2020-03-03
Natural Anatolia · Natural Anatolia Inc Toronto, ON M4K 1P4 2020-03-03
Papa John's · 9408614 Canada Inc Toronto, ON M1R 2Z1 2020-03-03
Panda Chef Wok and Sushi · 2465842 Ontario Inc Toronto, ON M3K 1G7 2020-03-02
International News · 11732820 Canada Inc Toronto, ON M5V 3K2 2020-03-02
Saucy Plate · Mancol, Les-an Cabarles Toronto, ON M1R 2Z1 2020-03-02
Berry Road Food Coop · Berry Rd Food Co-operative Inc Toronto, ON M8Y 1W3 2020-03-01