Toronto Bodysafe Inspections

Jurisdiction: City of Toronto
Source: City of Toronto, Public Health

This dataset includes 3 thousand hairstyling or barbering service establishments and inspections by City of Toronto, Public Health. Under the Municipal Code Chapter 545, Licensing By-Law, all establishments offering hairstyling or barbering services were required to get a PSS licence and post their inspection notices at or near the entrance of the business, so that it is clearly visible to the public. Establishments offering other services such as tattooing, micropigmentation, ear and body piercing, electrolysis, manicures, pedicures and aesthetics were also required. Each establishment information includes business name, address, inspection date, inspection result, infraction details, actions, etc.

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Business Name Establishment Address Inspection Date Status
Nails & Beauty 2899 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M8V 2019-05-08 Pass
Velwet Touch Beauty Salon 5 Old Sheppard Ave, Bldg-b, Toronto, ON M2J 2019-05-07 Pass
J J Beauty Salon 6176 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M2M 2019-05-06 Pass
Fine Beauty 6006 Yonge St, A, Toronto, ON M2M 2019-05-06 Pass
Mary's Beauty Salon 2 Buchan Crt, Unit-353-n, Toronto, ON M2J 2019-05-06 Pass
Beauty Salon for The Balmoral 155 Balmoral Ave, Toronto, ON M4V 2019-05-03 Pass
Beauty Babe Lounge 2463 Yonge St, Flr-2, Toronto, ON M4P 2019-05-03 Pass
Beauty Clinic 2100 Bloor St W, Unit-7a, Toronto, ON M6S 2019-05-02 Pass
Elysia Beauty Bar 6 Kingsdale Ave, Toronto, ON M2N 2019-05-02 Pass
Beauty Express 2301 Brimley Rd, Unit-140, Toronto, ON M1S 2019-05-01 Pass
Spring Nails Beauty 2270 Keele St, Unit-4, Toronto, ON M6M 2019-05-01 Pass
Royal Beauty & Spa 1733 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G 2019-05-01 Pass
Europe Beauty Salon & Spa 1561 Keele St, Toronto, ON M6N 2019-05-01 Pass
Water Lily Beauty Salon 2009a Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S 2019-04-30 Pass
V Beauty 15 Transwell Ave, Toronto, ON M2R 2019-04-30 Pass
Mirage Beauty Salon 2009a Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S 2019-04-29 Pass
Beauty Influx (bi) 2351 Kennedy Rd, Unit-106, Toronto, ON M1T 2019-04-26 Pass
Apollo Beauty Salon 899 College St, Toronto, ON M6H 2019-04-26 Pass
Sekai Nail & Beauty Bar 1069 College St, Toronto, ON M6H 2019-04-26 Pass
Elcy's Beauty Salon 2111 Jane St, Unit-10, Toronto, ON M3M 2019-04-26 Pass
Figaro Hair & Beauty Salon 547 Wilson Heights Blvd, Toronto, ON M3H 2019-04-24 Pass
Carolina Beauty Center 1172a Weston Rd, Unit-a, Toronto, ON M6M 2019-04-24 Pass
California Hair and Beauty Unisex 2426 Kingston Rd, Toronto, ON M1N 2019-04-24 Pass
Toronto Beauty Clinic 551 Wilson Heights Blvd, Toronto, ON M3H 2019-04-24 Pass
Jute Beauty and Salon 442 Dundas St E, Toronto, ON M5A 2019-04-18 Pass
D & L Beauty Salon 355 Albion Rd, Toronto, ON M9W 2019-04-12 Pass
Elevate Beauty Lofts 333 Bering Ave, Unit-3, Toronto, ON M8Z 2019-04-12 Pass
Gs Beauty Bar Don Mills 825 Don Mills Rd, Toronto, ON M3C 2019-04-11 Pass
Tokyo Beauty Studio Inc 6 Garamond Crt, 245, Toronto, ON M3C 2019-04-11 Pass
Unique Beauty Salon 870 Browns Line, Toronto, ON M8W 2019-04-11 Pass
Glamour Secrets Beauty Bar 200 Front St W, Unit-c103b, Toronto, ON M5V 2019-04-10 Pass
Mahek Beauty Salon 2656 Islington Ave, Toronto, ON M9V 2019-04-10 Pass
Lifestyle Beauty Salon 2432 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6N 2019-04-09 Pass
Pink Lipstick Beauty Supply and Hair Salon 5418 Yonge St, Unit-13, Toronto, ON M2N 2019-04-08 Pass
Aum Beauty Clinic 2761 Markham Rd, Unit-d36, Toronto, ON M1X 2019-04-04 Pass
Blaque Beauty Bar 170 North Queen St, Unit-k-21, Toronto, ON M9C 2019-04-04 Pass
Top Notch Beauty Salon and Barber Shop 837 Albion Rd, Toronto, ON M9V 2019-04-04 Pass
Ayinke Beauty Parlour 45 Four Winds Dr, Unit-d, Toronto, ON M3J 2019-04-02 Pass
Beautyco By Shari Gold 3401 Dufferin St, Unit-98, Toronto, ON M6A 2019-04-01 Pass
Mauro's Beauty Salon 2523 Finch Ave W, Toronto, ON M9M 2019-03-29 Pass
Beauty Supplies Outlet 2193 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E 2019-03-28 Pass
Woodview Beauty Salon 3216 Weston Rd, Ptof, Toronto, ON M9M 2019-03-28 Pass
S & N Beauty Bar 1619 Weston Rd, Toronto, ON M9N 2019-03-27 Pass
Sis- Beauty 620 Bloor St W, Unit-2, Toronto, ON M6G 2019-03-27 Pass
Lovely Beauty Nails 4675 Steeles Ave E, Unit-1a20-1a21, Toronto, ON M1V 2019-03-27 Pass
Brave Beauty Services 384 Yonge St, 123, Toronto, ON M5B 2019-03-27 Pass
Noir Beauty Bar 588 Bloor St W, 2nd Floor, Toronto, ON M6G 2019-03-27 Pass
Marilyn's Beauty Supplies 1824 Weston Rd, Toronto, ON M9N 2019-03-26 Pass
B & B Beauty 5647 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M2M 2019-03-25 Pass
Divine Tattoo and Beauty 95 Maitland St, Toronto, ON M4Y 2019-03-22 Pass
C.f Beauty Lounge 1231 Weston Rd, Toronto, ON M6M 2019-03-21 Pass
Essence of Beauty 2770 Dufferin St, 206, Toronto, ON M6B 2019-03-20 Pass
Ther's Beauty Salon 2561 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M6M 2019-03-19 Pass
I Blossom Beauty Salon 1583 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1P 2019-03-19 Pass
Sj Beauty Lab 5926 Yonge St, 2nd Floor, Toronto, ON M2M 2019-03-19 Pass
Perfect Threading and Beauty Salon 122 St Patrick St, 23, Toronto, ON M5T 2019-03-19 Pass
Diana Beauty Centre 1031 Markham Rd, Toronto, ON M1H 2019-03-18 Pass
Lavish House of Beauty 2642 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M6M 2019-03-18 Pass
Hair Focus Nail and Beauty Salon 3555 Don Mills Rd, Unit-13, Toronto, ON M2H 2019-03-15 Pass
Broadview Beauty Parlour/georges Barber Shop 741 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 2019-03-15 Pass
Comfy Beauty Nail Salon 734 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 2019-03-15 Pass
Hahya Beauty 41 Lebovic Ave, Unit-a107, Toronto, ON 2019-03-14 Pass
The Top Beauty Cut Hair Salon 2296 Eglinton Ave E, Unit-6, Toronto, ON M1K 2019-03-14 Pass
Lavender Brow and Beauty Bar 170 North Queen St, K-51, Toronto, ON M9C 2019-03-13 Pass
Polishd Nail & Beauty Bar 130 Adelaide St W, Unit-23, Toronto, ON M5H 2019-03-12 Pass
Star Beauty & Hair Salon Inc 1415 Kennedy Rd, Unit-10, Toronto, ON M1P 2019-03-08 Pass
Elysium Beauty Academy 1881 Steeles Ave W, Unit-204a, Toronto, ON M3H 2019-03-08 Pass
Ariel's Aesthetic Beauty Care 5 Asterfield Dr, Toronto, ON M1E 2019-03-07 Pass
Eternal Beauty Hair Salon 3445 St Clair Ave E, Toronto, ON M1L 2019-03-07 Pass
Angies Beauty and Slimfit 222 Spadina Ave, Unit-125, Toronto, ON M5T 2019-03-07 Pass
Cherry Beauty Spa 5460 Yonge St, 109, Toronto, ON M2N 2019-03-06 Pass
Beauty Bound Medical Spa Inc. 3250 Bloor St W, Unit-111, Toronto, ON M8X 2019-03-06 Pass
Level Up Beauty 146 Thirtieth St, Unit-134-100, Toronto, ON M8W 2019-03-05 Pass
Bhabi's Beauty Salon, Hair & Skin Care 20 Nugget Ave, Unit-6, Toronto, ON M1S 2019-03-05 Pass
Corshalla's House of Beauty 1281 Jane St, Toronto, ON M6M 2019-03-05 Pass
T Beauty Studio 804 College St, Lower Level, Toronto, ON M6G 2019-03-01 Pass
Ly Ly Beauty Salon 694 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M 2019-03-01 Pass
Head To Toe Beauty & Massage 4168 Finch Ave E, Unit-g77, Toronto, ON M1S 2019-02-28 Pass
Hrh Beauty 3335 Yonge St, Unit-201, Toronto, ON M4N 2019-02-28 Pass
Ibeauty 1160 The Queensway, Toronto, ON M8Z 2019-02-26 Pass
Ryan's Beauty Salon 1530 Albion Rd, Unit-20, Toronto, ON M9V 2019-02-25 Pass
Orya Beauty Boutique 131 Avenue Rd, Ste-200, Toronto, ON M5R 2019-02-22 Pass
Monique Hair Design and Beauty Supply 685 Kennedy Rd, Unit-2, Toronto, ON M1K 2019-02-22 Pass
Studio Glam Beauty Salon Inc 1723 Kipling Ave, Unit-2, Toronto, ON M9R 2019-02-21 Pass
Romeo Beauty Salon & Video 1270 Finch Ave W, Unit-20, Toronto, ON M3J 2019-02-20 Pass
Bene Beauty 583 Mount Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S 2019-02-20 Pass
Polish Me Nail & Beauty Bar 266 Dupont St, Toronto, ON M5R 2019-02-20 Pass
Tks Beauty Salon & Video 1145 Morningside Ave, Unit-11, Toronto, ON M1B 2019-02-20 Pass
Lina's Beauty Salon 1463 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 2019-02-20 Pass
Naked Beauty Bar 889 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 2019-02-19 Pass
Agelesslift Beauty 84a Scollard St, Toronto, ON M5R 2019-02-15 Pass
M. Co Beauty Boutique 106 Cumberland St, Floor-3, Toronto, ON M5R 2019-02-15 Pass
Salon Younique Hair & Beauty Care 580 Danforth Rd, Toronto, ON M1K 2019-02-14 Pass
Glamour Secrets Gs Beauty Bar 2 St Clair Ave E, Toronto, ON M4T 2019-02-14 Pass
Kiara Unisex Beauty Centre 2629 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON M1K 2019-02-13 Pass
Aman's Beauty Spa & Salon 3351 Markham Rd, Unit-a125, Toronto, ON M1X 2019-02-13 Pass
Beauty In Bottle 10 Mallard Rd, Unit-c108, Toronto, ON M3B 2019-02-13 Pass
Serenity Beauty Centre 1367 Wilson Ave, Unit-a, Toronto, ON M3M 2019-02-08 Pass
Mon Luxe Nails and Beauty Bar 2517 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4P 2019-02-07 Pass
Beauty Supply Outlet 14 Church St, Toronto, ON M5E 2019-02-07 Pass