Federal Corporation

Jurisdiction: Canada
Source: Corporations Canada

This dataset includes 826 thousand corporation entities registered with Corporations Canada, a division of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Each corporation is registered with corporation number, corporate name, office address, current status, directors, annual filling dates, etc.

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Corporation Name Office Address Incorporation
Canadian Centre for Entrepreneurial Development 420 Sherwood Blvd. Nw, Calgary, AB T3R 1V1 2020-07-01
12167824 Canada Inc. 1265 Carrington Blvd Nw, Calgary, AB T3P 1M2 2020-07-01
Wesellas Inc. 181 Skyview Ranch Manor, Calgary, AB T3N 0V2 2020-07-01
Ladder of Peace and Progress (lopap) International Inc. 244 Walden Landing Southeast, Calgary, AB T2X 0R3 2020-07-01
The Amp Legacy Foundation of Canada 147 Canada Olympic Road Southwest, Calgary, AB T3B 6B7 2020-07-01
Stark Industries International Inc. 62 Discovery Ridge View Southwest, Calgary, AB T3H 4P9 2020-07-01
12164116 Canada Inc. 1302 Council Way Sw, Calgary, AB T2T 1X7 2020-06-29
Glass Scale Technical Services Inc. 340 Taralake Terr Ne, Calgary, AB T3J 0A1 2020-06-29
12162369 Canada Inc. 115 Prestwick Villas Se, Calgary, AB T6W 1N4 2020-06-29
12164256 Canada Inc. 1003 37 Street Southwest, Calgary, AB T3C 1S4 2020-06-29
The Canadian Hemp Straw Inc. 359 New Brighton Place Se, Calgary, AB T2Z 4W6 2020-06-29
Helping Hand Yyc Ltd. 70 Sage Bank Grove Northwest, Calgary, AB T3R 0J9 2020-06-29
Growth Empowerment Inc. 4936 Rundlehorn Drive Northeast, Calgary, AB T1Y 1B9 2020-06-29
Fortheloveofbooks Publishing Inc. 3275 Douglasdale Boulevard Southeast, Calgary, AB T2Z 3A8 2020-06-27
Nuera Insurance Inc. #20, 6020 - 2 Street Se, Calgary, AB T2H 2L8 2020-06-26
Jam Side Up Solutions Ltd. 412 49 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2S 1G2 2020-06-26
12160048 Canada Inc. 1007 Evansridge Common Nw, Calgary, AB T3P 0P3 2020-06-26
Ventrity Inc. 160 Scandia Hill Northwest, Calgary, AB T3L 1T8 2020-06-26
Pronk Productions Inc. 763 Ranchview Circle Northwest, Calgary, AB T3G 1B1 2020-06-26
Intelizign Solutions Canada Inc. 1118-8710 Horton Road Sw, Calgary, AB T2V 0P7 2020-06-25
12155931 Canada Ltd. 218-3515 17 Avenue Southeast, Calgary, AB T2A 0R5 2020-06-25
1 Part Inc. 202 - 919 Centre St Nw, Calgary, AB T2E 2P6 2020-06-24
4ward Innovations Inc. 38 Discovery Vista Point Sw, Calgary, AB T3H 5T1 2020-06-24
12154463 Canada Ltd. 61 Everhollow Green Southwest, Calgary, AB T2Y 0K2 2020-06-24
Saraon Enterprise Inc. 408 Whiteside Rd Ne, Calgary, AB T1Y 2Z7 2020-06-23
Flywheel Probono Consulting 2512 Chateau Place Nw, Calgary, AB T2M 4K7 2020-06-23
12152347 Canada Inc. 3505 52 Street Southeast, Calgary, AB T2B 3R3 2020-06-23
Black Owl Systems Inc. 304, 46 9 Street Ne, Calgary, AB T2E 7Y1 2020-06-22
12148471 Canada Inc. 182 Red Sky Green Ne, Calgary, AB T3N 1B7 2020-06-22
Gocarte Technologies Inc. 238 23 Avenue Northwest, Calgary, AB T2M 1S2 2020-06-22
London Jones Incorporated 1515 12 Street Southwest, Calgary, AB T2T 0B8 2020-06-22
Allmylife Group Incorporated 129 Panatella Court Northwest, Calgary, AB T3K 5X9 2020-06-22
Welltarget Drilling Services Ltd. 104 Forest Cres Se, Calgary, AB T2A 5A9 2020-06-21
Zimocan Inc. 99 Somercrest Gardens, Calgary, AB T2Y 3K6 2020-06-20
Africanada Global Holdings Corp. 407-827 18 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2T 0G9 2020-06-20
Infinitelight Technologies Corporation 311-2524 66 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T3E 5K3 2020-06-20
Oldebones Collective Inc. 1917 5a Street Southwest, Calgary, AB T2S 2G2 2020-06-19
Corpwest Ltd. 102 Walden Manor Southeast, Calgary, AB T2X 0N1 2020-06-19
Step Up Trucking Inc. 19 Tarington Way Ne, Calgary, AB T3J 4N1 2020-06-18
Bernie's Buddies 227 Martell Road Ne, Calgary, AB T2A 2X2 2020-06-18
12140195 Canada Inc. 31 Armstrong Cres Se, Calgary, AB T2J 0X2 2020-06-18
Remarkably Chic Beauty Parlour Inc. 16 Walgrove Rise Southeast, Calgary, AB T2X 4E6 2020-06-18
12139219 Canada Inc. 6805 Huntsbay Road Northwest, Calgary, AB T2K 4R2 2020-06-18
Gtr Traders Group Ltd. 128 Martinview Close Northeast, Calgary, AB T3J 2R8 2020-06-18
Rapid Mountain Publishing Ltd. Lakewaterton Cres, Calgary, AB T2J 2M7 2020-06-17
Portalx Inc. 601-1339 15 Ave Sw, Calgary, AB T3C 3V3 2020-06-17
12136163 Canada Inc. 242 Royal Oak Pl Nw, Calgary, AB T3G 4Y6 2020-06-17
Ontime Roadlines Ltd. 34 Cityscape Bay Ne, Calgary, AB T3N 0X1 2020-06-17
Standard Pest Co. Inc. 2900 350 7 Avenue Sw, Calgary, AB T2P 3N9 2020-06-16
12131692 Canada Inc. 115 Edgebrook Close Nw, Calgary, AB T3A 4W6 2020-06-16
Combine Venture Builders Inc. 514 28 Avenue Northwest, Calgary, AB T2M 2K8 2020-06-16
Immigration Suggestions Ltd. 34 Cornerstone Circle Ne, Calgary, AB T3N 1H1 2020-06-16
12131668 Canada Inc. 248 Evansborough Way Northwest, Calgary, AB T3P 0N9 2020-06-16
12130416 Canada Inc. 118 Cityscape Blvd Ne, Calgary, AB T3N 0W7 2020-06-15
Aceit Digital Inc. 319 Walgrove Boulevard Se, Calgary, AB T2X 4C8 2020-06-15
Life In Seasons Media Inc. 3208 11811 Lake Fraser Drive Southeast, Calgary, AB T2J 7J1 2020-06-13
Boundless Courage, Inc. 1352525 36th Street N.e., Calgary, AB T1Y 5T4 2020-06-12
Phoenix Data Consulting Ltd. 15 Rockcliff Heights Northwest, Calgary, AB T3G 0C7 2020-06-12
Infinity Distribution Group Inc. 101 Pineson Pl Ne, Calgary, AB T1Y 2R1 2020-06-11
Womentor Foundation 11 Bermuda Way Nw, Calgary, AB T3K 1H1 2020-06-11
Ctinstruments Ltd. 100-111 5th Ave Sw, Calgary, AB T2P 3Y6 2020-06-11
12121093 Canada Inc. 8 Castlebrook Rise Ne, Calgary, AB T3J 1R5 2020-06-11
Lamara Integrity Group Inc. 300-85 Shawville Blvd Se, Calgary, AB T2Y 0K3 2020-06-11
Applied Academia Ltd. 4222 40 Avenue Northwest, Calgary, AB T3A 0X1 2020-06-11
Chillbar Inc. 3120 41st Se, Calgary, AB T2B 1E5 2020-06-10
Nanum Corporation 225 Elgin Place Southeast, Calgary, AB T2Z 4V8 2020-06-10
Nanum Foods Inc. 8855 Macleod Trail Southwest, Calgary, AB T2H 0M2 2020-06-10
12120453 Canada Inc. 417 - 1748 7 Street Southwest, Calgary, AB T2T 2W6 2020-06-10
Emporio Celani Holdings Ltd. 405, 369 Rocky Vista Park Northwest, Calgary, AB T3G 5S7 2020-06-10
Capacity Inc. 6 Street Sw, Calgary, AB T2R 1B4 2020-06-09
Yiling Pharmaceutical (canada) Ltd. 720 16 Ave Nw, Calgary, AB T2M 0J8 2020-06-09
Ekquest Corporation 141 Panatella Way Nw, Calgary, AB T3K 0X1 2020-06-09
Stirling James & Co. Ltd. 231 9a Street Northeast, Calgary, AB T2E 4K8 2020-06-09
Leadership Development Initiatives Canada 12 Saddletree Court Northeast, Calgary, AB T3J 5L1 2020-06-09
The Paw Paradise Inc. 150 Covemeadow Close Northeast, Calgary, AB T3K 6G9 2020-06-09
Okikiolu Technologies Inc. 234-5419 Country Hills Blvd Nw, Calgary, AB T3A 5K8 2020-06-09
Edgemont Education Inc. 16 Edcath Bay Nw, Calgary, AB T3A 3S6 2020-06-08
12112868 Canada Inc. 301 Red Sky Way Ne, Calgary, AB T3N 1N3 2020-06-08
Moose & Goose Children's Boutique Corp. 275 Redstone Drive Ne, Calgary, AB T3N 0N4 2020-06-08
North America Innovation Tobacco Group Ltd. 116 Shawnee Gardens Sw, Calgary, AB T2Y 2T9 2020-06-08
Lane Bell Consulting Inc. 18 Chapala Road Southeast, Calgary, AB T2X 3T5 2020-06-08
Bee Energy Inc. 7331 Silver Mead Rd Northwest, Calgary, AB T3B 3V1 2020-06-08
Sorell Innovations Ltd. 52 Strathclair Place Southwest, Calgary, AB T3H 1H1 2020-06-08
Petite Barrette Inc. 351 Sage Meadows Circle Northwest, Calgary, AB T3R 1J1 2020-06-08
Best Mows Corp. 414 234-5149 Country Hills Boulevard Nw, Calgary, AB T3A 5K8 2020-06-08
Educify Inc. 1st Street Ne, Calgary, AB T3P 1M9 2020-06-07
Balco Life Inc. 1909 11th Ave Sw, Calgary, AB T3C 0N9 2020-06-07
Yumee Foods Inc. 63 Pantego Rise Northwest, Calgary, AB T3K 6J2 2020-06-07
Agc Properties Estate Inc. 7917 Martha's Haven Park N.e, Calgary, AB T3J 3X8 2020-06-07
12110385 Canada Inc. 505 3rd Street Sw, Calgary, AB T2P 3E6 2020-06-06
Knight Shift Robotics Ltd. 25 Cranarch Way Se, Calgary, AB T3M 0S7 2020-06-06
Jeph Shop Inc. 68 Eldorado Close Ne, Calgary, AB T1Y 6T2 2020-06-06
12111179 Canada Inc. 105 Cityside Way Northeast, Calgary, AB T3N 1P1 2020-06-06
Nova Technology Holdings Limited 417 14 Avenue N.e., Calgary, AB T2E 1E6 2020-06-05
Lexhouz Inc. 4915 35 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T3E 6K9 2020-06-05
Spare Room Entertainment Inc. 605-4637 Macleod Trail Sw, Calgary, AB T2G 5C1 2020-06-05
12109476 Canada Foundation 187 Auburn Meadows Cres. S.e., Calgary, AB T3M 2E2 2020-06-05
12105853 Canada Ltd. 3620-29 St Ne, Calgary, AB T1Y 5Z8 2020-06-04
The Big Burly Chef Inc. 4511 Glenmere Road Sw, Calgary, AB T3E 4E4 2020-06-04
Kayz Global Solutions Inc. Unit 2, 519 64 Avenue, Calgary, AB T2K 5M5 2020-06-04